HTC Thunderbolt gets teardown and repair video

Although everyone hopes to never have to use them -- teardown and repair videos are a great resource of information for those who may need to repair a busted device. Having relied on a few in the past due to purchasing some grey market devices that were not covered under warranty, I know this all too well. The folks from DirectFix know this as well, and their latest teardown and repair aims to help HTC Thunderbolt owners should such a situation arise. Whether you need to repair some broken glass or something more internal, you can head on past the break for the video to see just how it's done.

Source: DirectFix

  • MURDERER......
  • Yeah, that was painful to watch. But will it blend?
  • Didn't see much confidence in his ability.
  • I think I will wait for ifixit to tear it down!
  • Very similar to the EVO with just a screen, main board and back cover. However, getting the TB back cover off looks to be a big PITA. Still take it any day over working with some of the stuff Samsung comes up. Antennas and boards everywhere.
  • anyone else notice him accidentally rip off the touch panel ribbon at the very end and try to hold it in place with his finger so we wouldn't notice he just ruined his Thunderbolt? lol