KitKat on HTC One

You might remember it was 15 days ago when HTC America President Jason Mackenzie said his company would deliver Android 4.4 for the Google Play edition HTC One within 15 days — so naturally GPe device owners have today been wondering what's up with the update. The official HTC USA Twitter account has chimed in this afternoon with an update on the release's progress, effectively saying the manufacturer has delivered its code and the rest is up to Google —

"Good news, we've delivered KitKat code to Google for HTC One GPE. Timing of push via PlayStore to be determined by Google."

We can only speculate as to what Google needs to do to get HTC's update prepped and ready to push out onto devices, but at least this means it shouldn't be too much longer before the final public rollout.

Source: @HTCUSA; Thanks, Shen!