AC on HTC Sensation

We took a trip down to the HTC Roadshow in Manchester yesterday, where we were lucky enough to be allowed some face-time with the HTC Sensation, HTC's beastly 4.3-inch dual-core device, which is due for release in May. And, of course, we were sure to grab plenty of video footage and photos of the artist formerly known as Pyramid for your perusal.

The Sensation is the first device to launch with HTC Sense 3.0, the new version of HTC's custom UI that gives it its biggest overhaul to date. Though the handset we saw was still running pre-release firmware, we were still impressed with the slickness of the user experience it offered.

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Join us after the jump for the video itself, along with some bonus photos from the HTC Roadshow.

For best results, we recommend playing the video in 480p or higher. If you're feeling crazy, you can try fullscreen playback at 1080p.

You can check out our out-take video to see one (lightly sillier) feature of the Sensation that didn't make it into our main hands-on reel.

HTC SensationHTC Sensation

HTC RoadshowHTC RoadshowHTC RoadshowHTC RoadshowHTC RoadshowHTC Roadshow