HTC reports its lowest revenue numbers since 2003

HTC U12 (Image credit: Android Central)

HTC recently published its official earnings report for Q2 2018, and to not much surprise, things aren't looking too hot for the Tawainese company.

During this past July, HTC saw just NT $ 1.4 billion in total sales. While that may sound like a big figure, it's down 37.23% from June's sales and 77.41% lower compared to July 2017 numbers.

In other words, HTC just had its weakest month since August of 2003.

Disappointing sales throughout the first seven months of 2018 has resulted in a 53.98% decrease in revenue compared to this time last year, and as such, HTC's reported total net losses of NT $2.09 billion, However, thanks to capital gains and completing the USD $1.1 billion sale of 2,000 employees from its smartphone division to Google, HTC still saw a net profit of NT $19 billion.

If you've been following HTC's business performance for the past few weeks, you'll know that these numbers aren't surprising in the slightest.

The last earnings report prior to this saw June sales decreasing by 62%, and according to at least one source, HTC is in talks to completely exit the Indian market due to stiff competition from the likes of Xiaomi and Vivo.

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