HTC: No Android 4.2.2 update for HTC One S

Aluminum-clad 4.3-incher 'will remain on the current version of Android and HTC Sense'

Bad news for HTC One S owners this afternoon, as HTC has confirmed to Android Central that the One S — one of its 2012 flagship devices — will not see any official upgrades beyond its current software version. That means as far as official firmware goes, users will remain on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and HTC Sense 4+ for the remainder of their devices' lives.

HTC's statement reads —

"We can confirm that the HTC One S will not receive further Android OS updates and will remain on the current version of Android and HTC Sense. We realize this news will be met with disappointment by some, but our customers should feel confident that we have designed the HTC One S to be optimized with our amazing camera and audio experiences."

HTC reassured us that the 4.7-inch One X is still on track to receive future software updates.

Originally released on Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich last spring, the One S was one of the top HTC devices of the year. At the time of its release we praised its aluminum unibody design, thin profile and impressive camera. With the One S being retired on Android 4.1, the phone will have only seen one OS version update in its lifetime, which is disappointing for something billed as a flagship product.

The One S remains a capable phone, even without any update to Android 4.2, and we're hopeful the custom ROM community will pick up where HTC left off. Any HTC One S owners out there? Share your thoughts down in the comments.

Source: Android Central forums; h/t Arne Hesse of the::unwired

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  • Ah htc you will never learn...
  • HTC is probably the best Android maker.......who would you recommend, Samsung? Can you get 4.2.2 on the Galaxy SII today without rooting? Yea its coming soon they say, but still the same fragmented issues. I have a dozen or so iPhone 4's running iOS 6 today and thats the oldest phone of the bunch.
  • Apparently you forgot that the Galaxy S2 was released with Android 2.3, then upgraded to 4.0, then 4.1... 4.2 is in its way... What about the One S? Released with 4.0 and dies in 4.1... If the iPhone is so cool, what are you doing in an Android forum? Go back to iOS and enjoy Siri on the iPhone 4, you iSheep. ;-)
  • Exactly, the least manufacturers can do is give 2 updates. And you talk about android fragmentation but bring up the iPhone 4 which doesn't get siri or even panoramas lmao. Posted via Android Central App
  • Android fragmentation was about App develpment and has been a dead arguement to anyone with a clue for quite some time. Google it ; )
  • Another helpful response. Great forum. Did you learn to say isheep by yourself or did Mom help you? lol
  • iSheep? Are we still using that term? I have myself an HTC One and a Nexus 4, and everything I do online is from Google, Gmail, Calendar, Contacts, Chrome, etc. but even I will admit that iOS is a lot less fragmented than Android fanboys want to say it is. iPhone 4 may not have Siri (who cares), but it will be updated to iOS7, with less features, but the majority of it will be there. We can't say that about one Android phone (on an official level, let's not talk about the minority who can root and ROM their phones, or who have the time to do so). I'm even talking about official Google phones. What official updates does the Nexus One or the Nexus S get now?
  • The nexus one got gingerbread and the nexus S got updated to jelly bean, but those were actually hardware limitations. Just like the 3gs won't see ios7. So what exactly is your point? I would rather have a full updated than a half-baked one. I won't be surprised if they leave out multitasking or the control center on the iphone 4. Hardware manufacturers are worse because they put out so many devices through different carriers, that they only decide on an select few that will get updated and then let the carriers decide if they want to push an update. Posted via Android Central App
  • I really don't in I use or have used plenty of devices across platforms and don't judge a person by material things...but YES the term iSheep is still around and will be around a long time, no doubt. Where the hell have you been? LOL. Just like any other fanboi/trolling names. BTW you said you own a Nexus 4 and made that last comment? Shame on you. Their official update cycle ended when the hardware couldn't support it and that was well after their "useful" life. I'd be willing to bet the Gnex and N4 will be updated for years with the level of hardware they came with. Not that I care, with Google subsidizing the Nexi and quality inexpensive prepaid I can easily justify purchasing a new phone/tablet every year. Still way less over 24months than I was spending on VZW.
  • It will also get the new API's Posted via Android Central App
  • Well said. Posted via Android Central App
  • He was just bringing up a valid point what youasheep cant handle it why dont you go back to the basement moron Posted via Android Central App
  • The S2 was also a flagship phone. The One S was a mid-range phone. Big difference there.
  • Not really, the article also states this. The One S was indeed a cheaper than the One X, but the One S was priced like a premium device none the less. The One S should have seen another update.
  • unless HTC is adding new features there really is no point in updating the base from 4.1 to 4.2 HTC Sense covers up the camera and other features exclusive to 4.2.2 which is why 4.2 is still called Jelly Bean. If the One S would have been more popular I could have seen them updating the Android build and maybe adding blinkfeed
  • Really? Thats your answer. Htc is probably the best? Please do some reasearch. Who has one of the biggest fan base? Samsung. Who updates their phones several times with a new version of os? samsung. I'm not a samsung fanboy but I can definitely tell the difference of who is better. Like someone already pointed out. This phone was released in 2012 and only got 1 update. The s2 got several updates. Cmon man. Please think before you speak.
  • you hit the nail on the head there! But you know what sucks? IMO, HTC really does make better phones and software experience (just not as many features) btu they are not getting another dime from me. this one s is the last straw. the one s was THE flagship phone you could get on tmo and still a VERY capable device, HTC is lazy, they want you to just buy a new phone and i say F them! They can go down in flames.
  • It's still Jelly Bean, the biggest differences in the OS are covered up by HTC Sense... if the phone is optimized properly it doesn't really matter if it's running Jelly Bean 4.1.x or 4.2.x.
  • duplicate
  • Is that why they're struggling to survive? Because they're the "best" Idiot. Posted via Android Central App
  • AC has said repeatedly that HTC's woes do not lie in their products. Also, remember what they said last fall about how the 4.2 release wasn't that important for non-Nexus devices. What is important, however, is the lack of an update to Sense 5, which is reportedly MUCH faster than Sense 4+. However, it's probably best that they focus on the One X and its derivatives, the One X+, and the Butterfly and its variants. Those are the true high-end devices from 2012; the One S was a really nice mid-range offering. Posted from my HTC EVO 4G LTE via Android Central App
  • the one s was basically the same internals as the one x with a smaller screen. maybe a little less ram, but same CPU, and camera. Also, it was HTC's "flagship" offering on TMO so... they should have just bought something else then? Thats a cop out man. HTC could get 4.2.2 on the one s without much change from the one x code. HTC is fn lazy, and poor. Its their attempt to get those people to buy a new phone.. but jokes on them! I already did and my s3 is working just great (and getting updates regularly)
  • Samsung is actually the first manufacturer to get updates out. And also they support multiple updates for legacy devices. Posted via Android Central App
  • Really? Then why did my Samsung Droid Charge release 6 months after Gingerbread came out, but it launched with buggy and unoptimized Froyo? Then I had to wait another 7 months for a buggy and unoptimized Gingerbread, which came just 1 month before Ice Cream Sandwich. Speaking of which, my Droid Charge never got Ice Cream Sandwich, despite the fact that it was released only half a year before ICS came out. Samsung is freakin' terrible when it comes to updates, just as bad as HTC, and this is what has pushed me towards Nexus-only from now on.
  • Chocoburger: Because you are on VZW. VZW limits updates on purpose.
    I bought that phone when it came out, it was EXPENSIVE too, $299 ON CONTRACT if I recall. Id be pissed too.
  • You had a Verizon phone. And a DROID one at that. Verizon hates updates because it expands the life of the phone, keeping people from giving them even more money for devices. Duh. Posted via Android Central App
  • You are right about that. I also find it funny that the people who are pissed off at HTC use the Thunderbolt as one of their reasons and they forget about how terribly Samsung handled the Droid Charge. But the issue with the One S is pretty obvious why it isn't getting updated to 4.2.2 and Sense 5, the One S wasn't a top seller and the qHD screen resolution really makes it not worthy to resize all of the visual aspects of Sense 5 to it... HTC could technically update the base to 4.2.2 and add a half assed blinkfeed to it and call it Sense 4.9 but there really isn't a point in doing it now.
  • Way OT...but iOS 6 cripples the iPhone 4. If you don't see it you're in denial.
  • You can't get 4.1 on an evo 3D either
  • I'd mostly recommend the Samsung S3... I've for some reason, got 4 software updates. It's a really good phone. You might wanna try the S4 though, because it seems better. They have 4.2.2 in Taiwan, how come we don't have it here?!
  • Root & mod it.
  • HTC doesn't make anything. They are an assembler, a repackager. They are hardly the best at anything.
  • I don't get all this nerd rage. Since last year's high-end Androids using ICS and JB came out, the products have been very good, so much so that I mostly lost interest in when/what my next Android version update will be or rooting and enhancing. I use an Evo LTE and there's nothing wrong with it except Sprint's data service, it does everything any Android can do nice and smooth, plays headphones loud and clear, streams to my TV as beautifully as airplay, gets a good day's use out of a charge... I suspect there's also nothing wrong with the HTC One S. Do you really think that majority of it's users feel the need for 4.2.2? Do they even know what that is and what changes it would bring? I don't even know, and read about this crap every day.
  • Well, let's see. Wi/fi/Mobile Data: Connectivity issue. Frequently loses connection, even when two feet from a router. Displays 4G, even where 4G is not offered. Will display good signal, but not actually download/upload data until phone is physically reset (turning off->on won't help). Slow/poor Bluetooth pairing. Terrible reception compared to other (cheaper) phones. Crappy memory/app management. Frequently quits completely from streaming audio when trying to multitask, much more often when calling someone. Slow, sluggish response. Frequent crashes/reboots for no reason. Botched software upgrades. Moving from Sense 4 to Sense 4+ killed my keyboard completely, and made several apps/widgets non-functional. Namely, I couldn't alter brightness through any setting. This took three calls to T-Mobile and four to HTC before doing a cache wipe in hboot--twice--finally fixed it. Mostly (brightness still hit-and-miss). And, finally, Google Now shows up as ONLY a search--nothing else. Oh, and you can't use bluetooth with the Google speech recognition--so you can't have a bluetooth headset connected and hold the Home screen--you get "initializing" forever, and you can't use the voice recognition to compose texts. You have to actually turn off the headset to use these features. 4.3 is supposed to fix this but... oops, no updates. YOU might not have issues, but that doesn't mean other people haven't run into problems. It also means you likely don't use all the features of your phone (or got extremely lucky). The HTC One S is the biggest waste of money I've ever spent, and the fact that they're now dumping any future support makes me want to burn something. This will be the last HTC device I ever buy. PS--not just my phone. My wife's has had to be replaced twice--the gorram power button stopped working after two months on the first one, and the second one wouldn't connect to phone, wifi, or data at all.
  • Premium1 says:
    Ah htc you will never learn... I think you're right, but not because of the failure to upgrade. Why *announce* what you're *not* gonna do, while even admitting it's a disappointment? Everyone who never even though about it until they read the stupid press release now jumps all over them. The PR was an invitation to criticize them, and it even handed out the criticism to use.
  • Way to go htc you just lost another customer. 1 year old flagship phone already out dated and only received 1 update. Hopefully htc will learn from their mistakes. Guess I will be switching over to Samsung.
  • Perhaps they will never learn, but we can try? Please sign this petition to HTC here:
  • Aluminium* :]
  • When did Alex switch over to AmE?
  • Two and a half years ago, when I started writing for an American site :)
  • Both spellings have been used for the last two centuries.
  • Doesnt make Aluminum any less wrong. It's a horrible Americanism.
  • aluminium is in the periodic table.. aluminum is on the phone.. its an alloy
  • and only ALUMINUM is right!!
  • My concern is the One S was billed as a flagship device. So what makes the HTC One any different. I wondering if i will be reading the same thing about the One next year aroudn this same time when it comes to talk about the next version of Android.
  • The ONE S wasn't a flagship, it was the ONE X ??? Posted via Android Central App
  • It was a flagship for T-Mobile. Posted via Android Central App
  • What is your question? The usage of question marks indicate questions being asked.
  • The One S was never a true flagship to me. It was more of a spinoff to the real flagship, the One X. Similar to the S4 Mini or something. Never understood why the One X was only on ATT while Sprint and Tmo got spinoffs (although Sprints was more capable than the One S). HTCs old, flawed methods I guess. Posted via Android Central App
  • Was more of a correct me if I'm wrong than a question, maybe that's a US thing the ONE S being a flagship then was always a midrange phone in UK. Posted via Android Central App
  • If they pull this bull with the X/X+ I'll forsake HTC forever. One update for a flagship device? Ridiculous. Posted via Android Central App
  • Former HTC Thunderbolt and Rezound owner, the only thing you can rely on HTC to do is to forsake phones early and not provide updates, and even when you get updates they are almost always extremely late and never provided when initially projected. My HTC devices are what convinced me to be a nexus owner :) Samsung flagships are also acceptable alternatives as they generally get decent updates.
  • I'm a Rezound owner unfortunately and I think I'm moving on to a Nexus after my contract is up for the same reasons you just stated. No way in hell should the One S be stuck with only 1 update. I highly doubt my Rezound will ever see Jellybean. I'll be gone before it does..
  • They already screwed around for months with CID's when the Jelly Bean update came out so screw them.
  • And people wonder why I didn't buy an HTC One despite living my EVO LTE.. Its because HTC involved... Posted via Android Central App
  • yup, thus proving Google Editions could be the right way to go despite that HTC One with Sense 5 is perhaps better as of the moment.
  • I wrote a forum about that a month ago.
  • my wife had this on t mobile and it was stolen. I talked her into getting an S3 replacement instead...glad she listened...for once...
  • If the device doesn't sell, HTC don't care about it. And people bash iphone users... I won't be surprised if the EVO LTE is on the chopping block next considering the poor sales and horrible resale value compared to the gs3.
  • The EVO LTE *should* have the same fate as the One XL/NA One X, since they share the same internals and display. How do you know it sold poorly? Its sales should be compared to the AT&T One X and adjusted for carrier size, not to a completely different phone from a different manufacturer. Also, I believe the EVO LTE got the 4.1 Jelly Bean/Sense 4+ update before the AT&T One X. Posted from my HTC EVO 4G LTE via Android Central App
  • The One S is the same as the One XL/NA One X, just with a smaller screen...
  • Hold on? Did I miss something? I thought that the One X was the flagship HTC phone of 2012?
    At what point was the lower-spec'd One S the top of the heap? For the record: I too think it's dumb that it doesn't get the update.
  • Both were announced together as flagships at MWC 2012. (This was before HTC diluted their brand with half a dozen low-end phones bearing the HTC One name.)
  • Ah right, okay. Though perhaps we shouldn't just be blindly repeating a company's PR machine. It's pretty hard to accept something as a flagship when it's sitting next to a higher-spec'd product from the same company. It's not like the two phones were appealing to different markets - the screen size only differed by 0.4".
  • It was HTC's flagship for T-mobile, they didn't get the One X or One X+
  • So in your world, since VZW didn't get the HTC One (yet) the DNA is HTC's flagship device? Interesting logic...
  • This issue seems to be a little better with Samsung. My GS2 went from 2.3.2 to 4.1.2 I realise that some people hate TouchWiz, but at least it does get updated.
  • HTC does NOT care about its customers. When are people going to learn?
    Once you hand over your money for their devices, that's when they stop
    caring. While Apple and Samsung are also "evil" corporations, at least they
    take care of their customers. They don't just take your money and
    run. :)
  • At least HTC does customer service well despite this update scandal. Samsung is the one who really doesn't care after you pay them.
  • Wrong, Samsung CS have been very good for me so far. HTC just get far too much else wrong. The One will be last HTC.
  • I've never had any problems with my HTC Customer Service, and my previous samsung devices had so many issues and Samsung just didn't care.
  • I learned my lesson. Got a Nexus 4 and made my One S a bedside radio
  • And this is the dark side of Android phones. Support cut for after a year.
  • If the NA One X / One XL will get Android 4.2, I don't see why the One S can't?
  • Bah! Simply not good enough!
    Just glad I saw this coming and changed to a Nexus 4!
    It will get updated and updated and updated... :-D
    This is the reason that I will never again get an OEM made phone.
    They are finished screwing me by not provide future updates, even when the hardware supports it.
  • This is why I passed on the HTC One, didnt launch on 4.2.2 as it is, still havent started rolling out. HTC is done, they dont have a clue anymore about how to take care of loyal customers. Glad I ditched my One s for the Nexus 4
  • What happened to that requirement of supporting a device for X amount of time that was out in place? Posted via Android Central App
  • Put* Posted via Android Central App
  • That seriously sucks. HTC doesn't care about their consumers. Samsung still pushing updates for their old phones. Galaxy s2 getting jelly bean as example. Sad to say, but I'm glad I jumped ship to s3.
  • This is one of the reasons I left HTC. Sorry not everyone can replace their phones yearly just to get newer software!
  • This is the same thing HTC did to the HTC Evo3D, Sensation, Rezound, and Thunderbolt. They market these devices as "flagship phones" & then abandon them. I thought the big "HTC One" rebranding might change their policy of dropping support if the device didn't sell outrageously well. Guess I was wrong. I will not be buying an HTC device of any kind for the foreseeable future.
  • Except HTC didn't abandon them at all lol. So many nerds getting bent out of shape as always. First and foremost those three phones all got 4.0 ICS, so its not like they didn't get any updates. From what it seems like since no one seems to be mentioning there might have been an issue getting 4.1+ on the Snapdragon S3 chip that all three of those phones used. It might be HTC's fault could be Qualcomm and a bad set of drivers in the chips themselves, but that might explain the radio silence on those older model devices. Now is this an excuse for HTC to just shun prior older devices no, they should make the effort to try or give those users that really must have there latest and greatest a means to get it. The One S also had this problem last year because it has a mix up of either S3 Snapdragon chips or S4 Snapdragon chips. Either way again HTC is trying, and I already own the HTC EVO LTE and the newer ONE and both will see 4.2.x updates soon, honestly not really concerned since both phones run very well and smooth.
  • Repeat post lol
  • come on HTC!!! you were doing so good with HTC One and you are screwing up again. but its all not that bad, only feature S will miss is lock screen widget and daydream
  • what amazing camera ???????
  • That's pretty shitty if you consider how well Samsung has been providing Android updates to older phones (Android 4.2.2 for the SII!) and low-to-mid-tier phones as well. Even Sony is better at updating their phones than this!
  • That is not good.. Time to upgrade for those peeps that have that HTC.. Posted via Android Central App
  • Apparently it was because htc made two versions of the one s. one that used a snapdragon s3 and one that used an s4. It would have taken too much work to create a version of sense 5 for the snapdragon s3 model. They didn't want to update one variant and not the other so they didn't update any of them
  • I have to say that I am stunned but not all that surprise. I gotta believe that some of this is the carriers saying that they do not want to put the resources into adding the bloat and certifying the device no the network. After all, the "S" version isnt all that different from the others so most of the work from HTCs standpoint is done.
  • you reap what you sow. do you hear me Chou?????????????????????????????????
  • What did happen to supporting devices for the life of your contract? If I'm on contract for 2 years for your device it should be supported for that amount of time.
  • Phil's daughter won't be happy... :(
  • Ha! Posted via Android Central App
  • YOU ARE TOTALLY AWESOME PHIL!:D I was wondering how your daughter would have felt while reading the article n here u have posted this as if u read my mind ! :D
  • And this article is the exact reason I am hesitant to go back to using non-Nexus devices.
  • I just got an HTC One S recently and now it's already dead in the water. I feel like I give them my trust and now I feel a like I should have bought something else.
  • well in all fairness the phone is a year old. you should've bought something newer. Posted via Android Central App
  • this is why I never got a HTC after I got the desire, purchased with 2.1 updated to 2.2 and stopped put me off and I'm sure it will put many others off its really rediculous why they can do this. didn't Google have a conference a few years back saying they would work with manufacture's to stop this and get updates within 6 months or something like that?
  • HTC continues to dig its own grave.
  • The HTC One S was a beautiful phone. Such a pity they've forsaken it. I wonder what fate awaits my former phone, the HTC Evo 4G LTE? Posted via Android Central App
  • The same, I guarantee it. I was given the option to upgrade late last year and I took the LG Optimus G (on Sprint), because I already knew HTC's history with updates - coming from a former EVO 3D owner.
  • Bad move!
  • That's OK if it doesn't get 4.2 because the One is made out of aluminum so that means everything HTC is awesome(Sarcasm if you didn't already know). Seriously though, HTC SUCKS ASS which is why I dumped them last year.
  • This is exactly why I went with a Note 2 after the Thunderbolt. It's entirely possible that Samsung will pull the same crap, but I'd already been shown that HTC would.
  • OH MY GOD!!!!!!!
  • You left your caps lock on.
  • Oh My!
    How could I have missed that?
  • Why should people have to root and flash roms on a year old device just to stay updated? Not to mention that not all people want to root. Posted via Android Central App
  • Because sometimes you just have to Posted via Android Central App
  • Rather dramatic, aren't we.
  • Richard?
  • And most people don't want to root or don't even care. That should not keep them from updates since they are paying to have that device for 2 years. And rooting/flashing isn't going to do much of anything and basically is like letting HTC off the hook. Posted via Android Central App
  • Haha. Exactly.
    +1 Posted via Android Central App
  • So the big HTC One relaunch re-branding exercise wasn't all that new? It seems that little or no effort is put into the names of these phones.
  • You shouldnt have to root to get an incremental software update. I personally think HTC is doing us a favor. 4.2 is a mess, and if they werent planning on upgrading beyond that S users should be better off for it. That being said, this is terrible PR, and might make people think twice about buying HTC.
  • Really love my DNA but it'll probably be the last HTC phone I purchase. I hate TW and the slimy plastic Samsung uses but if HTC isn't going to take the time to keep their phones updated I'm no longer going to give then my money. Sup Galaxy Note 3. Posted via Android Central App
  • Don't get me started on htc and dropping devices. I had this issue with the Evo View 4G /Flyer tablet. They updated a great device to Honeycomb 3.0 and left it on that dead upgrade within months of its release. Screwed everybody over unless you rooted. HTC will pull the okey doke on you. GLASS THEME BY SAMER ZAYER IS THE BEST ON EARTH. 1300+ ICONS OF THE MOST POPULAR APPS. TRY IT
  • The big thing here is that HTC actually promised sense 5.0 on the One s like 2 months ago and now they're saying it's not gonna happen. It might just be a marketing move to promote the One mini or it might just be that they're out of cash. Either way they promised an update for the One S and now they're not delivering it.
  • "our customers should feel confident that we have designed the HTC One S....." I don't have this phone but I am offended when any company tells me HOW I should FEEL about their actions.
  • 2 days later, HTC apologizes and gives free upgrades to everyone and a $25 Google Play gift card.
  • I don't understand HTC reasoning behind this decision. Hardware-wise the One S and the One X are nearly identical devices, Same Chipset, Same Camera Sensor, Same Ram etc etc etc... Soo why Releasing 4.2.2 for the One X while leaving out in the dark the One S users? Att: A former One S owner and HTC One current Owner.
  • Dafuq? Same hardware between the One S and the One X ? We are talking about a snapdragon device and a tegra device ... How can you say it's the same hardware? Posted via Android Central App
  • Pretty sure One X variants came with snapdragons but I'm not sure. Posted via Android Central App
  • Ok you're right for the One XL which is the LTE capable version of the One X... Posted via Android Central App
  • The US version of the One X has a dual core S4
  • Sadly Google refuses to use its best weapon to end this crap. Instead they just made it worse ending support on most Motoralla devices.
  • This is the biggest problem facing Android. Is there any reason why the likes of Sony, Samsung and HTC can't get updates rolled out at the same time? It would save having flagship Android phones running different versions of the OS.The Google edition of the One and S 4 just adds to the whole problem in my view. It's all very well saying to root and flash your phone but many customers out there don't know how to do it or even want to if they do. It shouldn't be down to the 'Android Community' to keep up where HTC or others left off. Giving iPhone owners a hard time, calling them iSheep isn't going to make the situation any better either. How many phones does Apple have running all sorts of OS versions? Not many. I'm really starting to get annoyed with Android. We have tons of phones running all manner of OS versions, apps that run on my phone but not my tablet or vice versa and OEM's who can't decide what phones will see updates let alone when. I also think it is high time we saw a drop in the amount of phones running Android out there. All we need from the OEM's is 1 flagship, one mid range phone and one low end device. Tablet wise, a big screen tablet and a smaller one. So, for example we could have the S 4, S4 MIni and a lower end phone. Tablets, Galaxy Note 10.1, Galaxy Tab 10.1 and a 7 or 8 inch option. The only reason I have an Android phone today is the screen size. As soon as Apple bring out a phone with a bigger screen I might make the move.
  • Sony? My Xperia zl got the 4.2.2 update a couple of weeks ago. Posted via Android Central App
  • I am with you all the way had iphone 5 got this sg4 hope apple makes a bigger screen andriod users are full of hate they are!!!!! Posted via Android Central App
  • That's why I bought my N2. A 5.5 inch screen. Although a bit too large at times. :-D
  • Ha ha ha Posted via Android Central App
  • Major fail on HTCs part. That's why after the Thunderbolt I went to Motorola. Posted via Android Central App
  • You ever go to best buy and pick up the htc one it looks nice but man does it scratch real easy then it looks like crap but the sg3 still looks brand new Posted via Android Central App
  • What in the actual....? Do you even own an HTC One?
  • You dont need to own one to see it scratches easy look at all the display models then look at all the old sg3 models then tell me I need to own one to know Posted via Android Central App
  • I think it's funny how Android users get their feathers ruffled when you use the F word. :-D Posted via Android Central App
  • where did you get that from?
  • I will never buy another HTC phone! They just couldn't give a shit about the customers, so HTC you can ram your handsets where the sun don't shine
  • I don't understand why it is so important to have such an update ... If you really care about it you will surely root and flash your device and if you're an average user you clearly don't care about upgrading.
    This said it really sucks to see such a good phone not getting updated officially and it would be nice from HTC to explain to its customers why they will not get jelly bean ... Posted via Android Central App
  • Not really...not everyone wants to root
  • And not everyone cares about an update ... Posted via Android Central App
  • More people care about an update then loosing there warranty rooting Posted via Android Central App
  • Funnily enough the One S will work just as well after this announcement as it did before :o\
  • Yeah, its not a big deal RIGHT NOW, as its still quite current. However, as someone that went through this with an Inspire that stopped on GB, when all the new apps need 4.0 or better, its gonna suck. When KLP comes out and you're missing out on all the cool shit, you'll see.
  • I'd be very disappointed if I owned a HTC One S, especially as most phones come these days come on 2 year deals. Stop telling old customers what they won't be getting and hurry up with 4.2.2 on the One! Posted via Android Central App
  • Iirc the flagship was the quad core 32gb one and a year on its not missed a beat
  • I loved the HTC One S. The build of the phone was amazing, and it was just the right size for me. Unfortunately I really needed an update to 4.2 and better battery life (the last update really didn't fix it) So I did what I had to and I went out and got the S4. I really love this S4, I just wish it had the outer build like HTC phones.
  • This is almost certainly my last HTC unless they release a Nexus version.
    I owned the Desire HD which failed to be upgraded past 2.3. An explanation was given regarding technical abilities
    [quote]After extensive testing, HTC has determined that the current version of HTC Sense with Android provides customers with the best experience on the HTC Desire HD. When we consider new versions of software, we weigh a number of factors, but ultimately the customer experience on the product is the deciding factor. We apologize for any confusion this change may have caused our customers.[/quote]
    That was about a year ago. Now this with One S. I purchased it as a premium phone with the key differential being that despite a lower powered CPU it was to drive less pixels so real world performance was on a par with the One X.
    I was directly involved in recommending the purchase of quite a few HTCs. They make great phones and I forgave them the HTC Desire HD mess. Not this time.
    HTC you are in a world of hurt. People do not forget and the tech lovers will crucify you for this
  • But who's to say they will update the nexus version Posted via Android Central App
  • They won't, Google will. Posted via Android Central App
  • I agree.. I was a HTC desire HD user too and then they wonder why their sales dropped pre HTC one
  • Fudge it, thats what custom ROMs are for.
  • A few thoughts or questions of my own. Is there some sort of unwritten code or law that i am unaware of that states a manufacture must update a phones software? Cause if so I'm pissed, my ROM hasn't been updated in months. :) The only reason you are stuck in the 2 year contract is because you couldn't afford the phone outright to begin with. So now, since you are "stuck", you expect the manufacture to update your phone because you think they owe it to you.
    Example. I bought a laptop several months before windows 8 came out. I bought that laptop on credit through best buy. Now I'm stuck with stupid windows 7 and still have another year before its paid off. The funny part of all this is the attitude of I deserve this update because I bought your product. When most buy a phone they don't think oh, i wonder if this phone will get updated. No. Most people buy the product for what it does at that moment not what it might do in the future. Posted via Android Central App
  • BIG difference between updating an Android Phone and a Windows Machine. And so what? You don't think people would be FURIOUS if Microsoft Announced that 8.1 would not work on machines that came with 8? People would be even madder than this! They don't HAVE to update your phone, and nobody should be crying about it. It's pretty simple, root your device and when your contract is up NEVER buy from them again. Then you'll see who will be crying at the end, you with your shiny new phone thats has the latest software, or HTC or any other manufacturer that is going out of business because they couldn't keep their user base. All you with a one s, show your dislike of HTC by boycotting them. I'll show my dislike of carriers by buying nexus devices ;)
  • Wrong Posted via Android Central App
  • I bought thecsg4 cause the rep of updating Posted via Android Central App
  • I used to be a fan of HTC long, long ago...
    I gave up years of BBerry use, in late 2008 I got a HTC Touch Pro. For a few weeks I thought it was incredible, and I made a wise choice to leave BB... boy was I wrong. Started having problems with the "ribbon cable" that attached the slider part. HTC was prompt about getting me a replacement... but it happened with the next one, and the next one. So, I went back to good ole Black Berry, a mobile that I never had a single problem with. Couple of years later I revisited HTC, via the Desire. I thought it was decent, but after a few months I still felt unhappy. Updates were few and far in between. I tried many of my friends mobiles; iPhone, BB's, Moto's, Droid's, etc... along came Samsung. One of my friends had a Mesmerize, that thing was by far the smoothest and fastest phone I had touched. So, got myself a Galaxy S II, and the rest is history. I know some aren't fans of Touch Wiz, but I have no complaints. I got a Galaxy S III when released, this thing is sick fast. And if you make a couple changes in the developers area... This mobile is crazy fast. I've gotten two OS updates and a minor tweak a few weeks ago. When the S IV came out I thought about getting it, but realized that I didn't need to. At the moment the S III has everything I need not to mention 4.2 is just weeks away. So, the point of my short story is that Samsung has delivered updates in a reasonable timeframe and unless they go Bankrupt, I don't see myself leaving any time soon. Posted via my Nexus 7, on The Dark Side of The Moon.
  • And that's why Nexus is the only Android device you can actually buy with any kind of confidence that the updates will come and the fragmentation won't screw you. Posted via Android Central App
  • So the HTC one is my 1st android phone. My 1st experience with android period. Should I just assume I won't get 4.3? I don't even have 4.2 yet. Posted via Android Central App
  • I wouldn't worry. Although the One S is the best HTC phone you could get on T-mobile last year. It is still a mid range phone. The HTC One is their flagship and it should be their best selling phone in at least a year.
  • @DownHillRider:
    I would imagine you'll be ok with The One. It's the device HTC bet the farm on. I wouldn't worry, you'll be fine. Posted via my Galaxy S III, on The Dark Side of The Moon!
  • Charlie Sheen. Posted via Android Central App
  • Definitely a reason I won't be buying another HTC device. My phone is about half a year old. The line is only about a year old. Yet, you have to sign a two year contract to buy the phone (well, you don't, but in most cases, there's no reason not to). Yet they discontinue support already? Guess my next phone is the Samsung flagship. Updates take a while, but at least they eventually make it.
  • I gave up on HTC after they cancelled the ICS update for the DESIRE HD, I don't see myself buying anymore of their devices. I agree their build quality is the best but their after sales support is one of the worst. I don't like Samsung phones either but i wouldn't mind getting one because they care about their customers by not letting them feel outdated in a year's time. I've got the Nexus 4 now and i only see myself picking up Nexus devices from now on. A lot of HTC users are gonna realize this soon enough cuz Not everyone is able to afford a new phone every year. I fear for the HTC one x after their next update.
  • I gave up on HTC after they cancelled the ICS update for the DESIRE HD, I don't see myself buying anymore of their devices. I agree their build quality is the best but their after sales support is one of the worst. I don't like Samsung phones either but i wouldn't mind getting one because they care about their customers by not letting them feel outdated in a year's time. I've got the Nexus 4 now and i only see myself picking up Nexus devices from now on. A lot of HTC users are gonna realize this soon enough cuz Not everyone is able to afford a new phone every year. I fear for the HTC one x after it's next update.
  • i agree w/ you. i have the sensation xe and it only received 1 update - from GB to ICS. the sensation line was their flagship line and i was expecting the jump to JB but it did not happen. i am now on cm10.1 just to experience what it is like to be using JB. this device is really expensive and i am really disappointed at htc. i am considering to buy the One or butterfly s when it comes but investing on htc again is not so wise anymore. maybe the samsung flagship or the next nexus device will be the next logical choice for me.
  • I think staying in the 4.1 is fair enough. Were we expecting more updates?
    yes, I include myself but so far the android experience on the device is
    perfect and the changes to the 4.2 not very noticeable for most users. Don´t
    forget about the community that makes great work with custom roms, so there
    is always choices for everyone. No reason for me to hate the brand, I am more than happy with the experience
    overall since I started with the brand with the Hero and until now. No one is
    forcing you to stay attached, we have freedom of choice but for me I will
    know what to choose in the future.
  • Now i fear for my htc one after 4.2 then dead for any update?
    Hope not..if indeed the case then bye android Posted using HTC ONE via Android Central App
  • I'm on my 3rd phone being orphaned. Instead of complaining about how the manufacturer has abandon us, maybe it's time we started putting the blame where the money is. When we buy a phone from the carrier, the is the manufacturers customer, not us. It's our carrier that is letting this happen. We buy our phones from the carrier, we need to demand that they make sure the manufacturer will support their products. If just one of the big carriers put their foot down and demanded that all phones be supported or they would no longer buy from the offending carrier, just maybe the manufacturers wouldn't feel it was a waste of money to support last years phones. When my contract ends I will demand a money back guarantee from the carrier for updates for the life of the contract. If I can't get it, then I'll buy a NEXUS and go no-contract with the cheapest carrier I can find.
  • This pisses me off to no end. It may be time to go back to apple. At least they support their products for many years. My carrier still offers the one s and it's already unsupported. I have 2 years left on my contract on a phone that won't receive updates. One shouldn't HAVE to root and load custom roms to get updates on a one year old phone. I will certainly never buy another HTC product.
  • I don't see why they write their specialty apps like sense, touchwiz and Messaging that replace what Google puts out as well as their other apps that require certain hardwere Nexus phones don't come with in a way that it can't just be installed on any phone with proper hardware available... Ex. IR Blaster for controlling TV. Not saying that just anyone can just download manurfacture apps like Sense if they don't have a phone that came with that app instead the manufacture apps like Sense and Touch Wiz come installed on Android as user apps opposed to picking original Android versions out and installing their versions which to me would seem like it would cause less bugs and testing since you're not adding system apps and having to make it work what Android that Google because and I'm not a programmer so please correct me if I'm wrong but by taking out Google's version in favor of theirs isn't a lot of coding and testing because you have to tell the OS to look for their versions in all the places that normaly run Google originals, otherwise it would just crash and not know what to do with apps missing if you you dont tell it what tto look for. That way Android phones will come with Pure Vanilla Android at the core with their specialty apps like HTC Sense and Blink Feed installed as user apps from the factory and accessed from Google Play Store in special section similar to what it already does for carriers with all the manufacturer apps like HTC Sense & Blink Feed.. If some of you are thinking they don't want Joe Somebody to just be able to pirate copy and use it but I'm sorry it going to happen anyway and happens for rooted devices and custom roms already be it they made there own clone and put in on Play Store or hacked it to work and its not like Google Play Store doesn't know what kind of phone your using when you visit the site or store so they can block it if the phone didn't come with that app as a feature. Than they could just have their app versions of the dialer, people, messaging set as the default app and the Vanilla Android versions installed as system apps that get disabled but installed so the don't confuse customers as to why there are two dialer apps or something on the phone. And since non rooted Android can enable and disable system apps since 4.0 ICS we could also have a choice to enable non manufacture versions of basic apps and uninstall, disable or just clear defaults and choose to use Googles version. And with the Play Stores special section for your phone model you could change your mind and re-install it. Then wouldn't updating OS for manufactures would be much simpler since it's basically Vanilla Android from Google and the apps that normally are replacing Googles version would remain untouched and less of a problem having to test them because they have been written same as any other app from developers with the mindset that I can go on any phone when though it won't to.
  • Plus I'm going to have to apologize because I don't have a computer and I'm doing this on the phone from the mobile website so going back and editing the auto correct errors and some of my wording can get a little bit hectic so I hope I got the point across. I'm interested in what programmers think of this so please tell me do you think its possible to just get direct updates on OS from Google on any handset since everything in the code is there to work with and let the apps Manufactures develope as added features not be system apps but user apps no different than app you would buy or download from Play Store. Still making them able differentiate themselves from competion and in effort to make your phone useful which gives the customers incentive to buy their phones. All maufactures user apps installed as user not system apps and are enabled by default from factory while Googles Vanilla versions are just installed and disabled ready to be enabled and used should user prefer something less complicated and sometimes pointless for them. Plus we need right to uninstall software we don't want since they can have it on the Play Store should we decide we wanted that app.
  • And here it is! The updated official response from #HTC about shafting & abandoning owners of last years #HTCOneS see link >>
  • Good
  • Good I did not have this trash because it will not be updated! Send this crap to the garbage can! When they will be bankrupt if they always sell trash?
  • I am terribly annoyed. I was really hoping for HTC to overcome their financial problems but after this... Seriously, are you kidding? I bought HTC One but it will be my last HTC phone. They don't deserve our loyalty.
  • ^And this is the reason to why you should only buy nexus devices. Quick and reliable updates.
  • ^And this is the reason to why you should only buy nexus devices. Quick and reliable updates.
  • That's disappointing. After updating to jellybean, the battery of my One S runs out waaay quicker even though the bug was supposed to be fixed, and I was hoping another update might solve that.
  • Maybe we can change their minds:
  • Simply put - the did worse they could ... those assholes simply did not distribute OTA update, but published it on the behalf of xda-developers as update, that requiers you to root your phone... AND .. AND ... it was published only for SA versions, not S3 ... so all international version owners of this phone is screwed BIG TIME. As I found in the XDA-Devs, HTC stands for I (H)ate (T)hat (C)ompany. ;) P.S. Fuck you, HTC., No more products from you.
  • HTC one s was launched with android 4.0 and it has been given only 1 android update and is decided to leave on android 4.1.1 only which is very shameful for company... Samsung which is providing updates for mostly all its good smartphones so this lead in increasing their customers and I don't think that Samsung mobiles are better than HTC mobiles so HTC please don't break trust of costumers of choosing HTC mobiles than others... So please provide most updates as much as possible... For one s.... Sincerely....
  • i need a help how to dawnload an operating system for htc one s please help me!