HTC on Jelly Bean updates

So you just got that shiny, new HTC One X or One S (or One V outside the U.S.), and suddenly it's no longer running the latest version of Android. That's no good. Neither is it HTC's fault, but still.

So what does the Taiwanese manufacturer have planned in the way of updates for Android 4.1 Jelly Bean? Here's the official word:

"We are excited about Android Jelly Bean and are planning to support it across a variety of our devices.  We are reviewing the software to determine our upgrade plans and schedule, so please stay tuned for more updates on specific device upgrade plans."

Nothing surprising there. It's a pretty safe bet that we'll see the HTC One line get updates. But after that? And how long will it take?

News at 11, folks.

Phil Nickinson
  • hahaha good job HTC !! I'm still waiting on my update to ice cream samich... Yeah am still rocking mytouch 4g I have high hopes
  • Ha! So do I on both counts! I had a strong belief at first that they would update us to ICS, but after a few weeks of it being mainstream, I stopped holding my breath. It's all good though, 3 more months and it's time to upgrade anyway.
  • How long will it take? Months, and months, and months....
  • And the answer is... it will be ready 'soon', of course!
  • ICS 4.0 was announced in Oct, 2011, within a few weeks of the time my Amaze 4G was released and I got the update at end of May, so do the math.
  • I'm just not buying this crap anymore from oem's and carriers.Samsung/sprint still don't have ics on the e4gt and now jb is out. This means that since last year google has DEVELOPED a new os, worked with a manufacturer to create a new device to run it on and test their current device (gnex) to run the new software. All this and Samsung couldn't test their phones with provided code and push an update?! Pathetic.
  • Probably they'll publish the update when Android 5.0 will be on the horizon ;)
  • Yea, keep believing this crap.
  • hope that includes the evo 4g lte :D
  • HTC will start updating to JB when Key Lime Pie is announced :)
  • One good thing is going from ICS to JB is a lot smaller change than it was from GB to ICS.
  • Like the update from Froyo to Gingerbread... which MyTouch 4G users got not too long ago.
  • This is the big draw back of many different versions are out at one time across all devices? I know its a hell of a lot of devices, but this is a drawback. You have stuff on GB still, and FROYO maybe. Just an opinion, no facts.
  • Anything on Froyo is old, and is rightfully no longer updated. The same can be said for most (all?) Gingerbread devices.
  • Not really. My Atrix 2 has capable hardware to run ICS. This is my first Android phone, my next new device will be a Nexus...
  • The real problem why the Android eco-system is so fractured is because developers are allowed to tweek and customize the OS as much as they want to. Otherwise I'm sure we'd see a tighter release schedule across devices. I'm sure we'll see the update to JB on HTC ONE and EVO LTE in about 3-4 months. It seems to be the usual time frame for HTC to roll-out new updates.
  • [SARCASM] Just like ICS, it will not be available on the Evo 3D [/SARCASM], lol.
  • Translation:
    "We are excited about Android Jelly Bean and are planning to support it only on our newest devices. We are reviewing the software to determine how badly we can mess it all up with Sense, so please stay tuned if you have a One series. Everyone else, sorry bout that."
  • Man you just made my day! Rockin' a GNex with JB and lovin' it! :)
  • Yay I have a one x!
  • Since Jellybean is reported to be even smoother than ICS, HTC's going to probably have to take 9 months to figure out how to make it choppy. At least CM team has made good progress on these phones in a short period of time.
  • lol
  • I just recently got the ICS update for my HTC phone, about 7 months after Google released it. So I wouldn't expect this to get to the HTC phones they decide to release it for until the end of the year, at the earliest. You can assume that the One series will be getting it but most of the rest of their phones are not even running ICS yet.
  • Ooooooh yeah!!! I can see it now; Jelly Bean on my Thunderbolt! ;P Uh? wait, you mean I won't get it? C'Mon man! :(
  • LOL It's always nice to read these statements from the various OEMs and then turn and look at my Verizon Galaxy Nexus, which is currently running Jelly Bean.
  • Here's hoping for HTC Sensation. If HTC brought ICS to Desire HD, they can bring JB to Sensation, considering 4.0 -> 4.1 is a smaller step. While AOSP based ROMs are available, they do not go through the same quality assurance (stability & battery testing) that manufacturer ROMs go through.
  • Many complain about OEMs and their updates on this site and i was one of them, but no longer. if your really that hungry for the newest OS, root or buy a Nexus. after this long you would imagine that everyone here would accept this and move on.
  • You, my friend, are completely in the wrong mindset. I'd prefer everyone to keep bitching at manufacturers until they release timely updates. That, or offer the option of reverting to stock Android on all newly released devices. Your mindset is to just roll over. Don't do that.
  • if we buy more nexus and/or reference devices, it means that sales of skinned/modded phones will be droping thus sending them a clear signal that wo DO want timely upgrades and DO care about a more stock experience. If we continue buying in masses the unsupported/skinned phones we are, as you are claiming he's doing, rolling over and telling them its ok not to update the phone only by NOT buying their skinned/modded phones will we send a clear enough message. I can garantee you that if GNexus sales overtook SGSII sales, samsung would be updating their phones 3-4 weeks after every release and toning down their touchwiz by a notch or two(or 10)
  • I couldn't agree more. I wish all Android devices just came with a stock OS (or offered the option to revert to stock) and offered their customization (Sense, TouchWiz , etc) as add-ons that where optional. Also to those people saying you should just get a Nexus if you want the latest OS version, I dislike the idea of having a 5MP camera compared to at least an 8MP camera on most other Android devices. Not to mention the improved specs of the newer devices.
  • That begs the manufacturer's question: how do they differentiate their phones then? The last thing they want to do is commoditize their market, and that's what having everyone go standard Android would do. They could only then compete on hardware and price. Sorry, but there might as well only be one provider of Android phones then, and the great thing about this ecosystem is that there is choice. Keep in mind that the vast majority of comsumers could care less about OS versions; they just want the phone to do what they paid for it to do, and do it well.
  • I don't see the problem in doing this. Let the hardware become an arms race. By shipping with stock Android and offering Sense, TouchWiz, MotoBlur, etc. as an optional download after a device has been set-up, would allow devices to make it to market in a more timely man to when they are announced. We would also see a decrease in time between when regions get a headset. Developers could still show off their headsets when they are announced with their own flavor on the OS, but just ship it as stock. The only downside to this method is it would make Google's Nexus line irrelevant IMO, but by doing so Google is able to unify the eco-system and set hardware standards for the OS.
  • You already have an option, don't buy a skinned device if you want the pure experience. The average consumer which is the majority could care less about versions or upgrades.
  • Simple. Its not that hard to build a themeing engine (Hell CM has one in their version.) Don't right it will customize just about everything. Then simply license out any one of a dozen launchers, add a couple dozen really tweaked widgets for the desktop or hell license beautiful widgets. Tweak that and BAM. Mostly stock Android with some personality and a hell of a lot easier to upgrade.
  • Where I disagree is. ICS was built with the gnex hardware. JB is built around the gnex hardware. So quad cores don't even matter. When dual cores first came out, android didn't take advantage because it was built around the single core nexus s. To me the hardware is only as good as the software running it. And a 8MP vs 5MP? Unless your taking a pic with your phone, then blowing it up to plaster size it really don't matter. Its all a number. For most there is no noticeable difference. Camera hardware, like lenses can.
  • You are right that 5MP or 8MP don't matter. But other specs do. There is no micro SD card on the GNexus. Which matters to me. Sprint's One X has a dedicated camera button. That matters to me. The Sprint One X has a stand. I like that as well. The displays on both the One X and the Galaxy S3 is better. The camera software on both the One X and the S3 is vastly better. So while the Nexus gives you the best experience, I'd love to be able to use that on any Android device.
  • same here, i could have gotten the nexus and saved money in the process but i just couldn't look past the spec sheet and the camera; so i got the gs3, I love it but i still wonder if i made a mistake
  • I have an HTC Vivid which was the first NA phone to get the ICS update other than a nexus device. I'm not too worried.
  • So because the Vivid was the first to get ICS in North America, you expect to be the first as well for JB.... got it.
  • Being based in the UK and rocking 2ged's I won't hold my breath even though Google have stated they will both get JB and I'm still waiting on ics 6months after the US got updated! Yawn at Google and there ignorance to everything none US.
  • I just sold my Gnex =(. Had JB on it last night and it was amazing. Here's to hoping my GSIII gets it soon....SAMSUNG!
  • I bought the GSIII for the hardware only. I'll have it running Jellybean long before Samsung releases it.
  • I just threw an ICS Rom on my GF's Rezound last night. Since there's no official ICS, what are the chances they'll skip it and bring out an official JB? HAHA I am, however rocking JB on my GNex at the moment. Nice UI tweaks, but a little buggy.
  • Rezound is dead in the water unfortunately
  • I suspect you are probably right. Since it has the double whammy of both HTC & Verizon to hold it back. Of well. I'm ordering the next Nexus phone unlocked & going with a StraightTalk sim. No moor contacts or delays for me.
  • Wasn't the 2nd phone to get ics the HTC vivid? Why is everyone saying Htc is slow for updates?
  • I doubt this. I think they will update the Rezound shortly after the HTC Incredible 4G LTE comes out. They'll want the Incredible to have it's moment in the spotlight, and then update the Rezound... as T-Mobile wanted the HTC One S before updating the Amaze/Sensation, and Verizon with the HTC Evo 4G LTE before updating the HTC Evo 3D/Evo Design. If the Incredible 4G LTE does, in fact, come out on the 10th-then the Rezound will be updated a few weeks/a month after.
  • You actually believe that? This is Verizon you're talking about my friend. But ok we'll see.
  • When will people learn...the only way to come even close to staying current on Android releases is buy an Nexus device? If you bought a Skinned OS you have no one to blame but yourself.
  • Yep, my Nexus Xoom was first with 3.0, one of the very first with 4.0, and is supposed to be one of the very first with 4.1 :)
  • MOTOROLA xoom Nexus Xoom only exists in your mind bro.
  • It if looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and acts like a duck, it is a duck. The USA Xoom WiFi is just as much a Nexus device as anything else with the Nexus logo on it. :)
  • If it runs Vanilla that is close enough.
  • There was no Nexus Xoom only motorola xoom. And yep they were the 1st with honeycomb but we all know that the Prime was the 1st tablet to get ICS and the Xoom sat for a few more months before it got its ICS. Point is this we can see who clearly wants to update there devices in a timely manner and its sure is not Moto. Granted Google said that the Xoom will get it don't be surprised that the Prime and the new Infinity also get it on or before the Xoom. Updates go like this in my book. 1.Asus
    4.Moto I still say the OEM's need to stop skinning Android so heavily and just place their skins as a launcher in the play store so if people really love sense or touchwiz they can still download it and we can all be up to date more faster. Now if only the Carriers would butt out of this equation and we would be set.
  • You're right but seriously, Google needs to let someone else besides Samsung make a Nexus model. Samsung seems committed to giving their Nexus models inferior hardware to keep from being able to compete with their Galaxy S devices.
  • >"So you just got that shiny, new HTC One X or One S (or One V outside the U.S.)," Nope, got an even shinier Evo LTE... but in the same boat. And my Evo 3D? Still no ICS. Hmm...... Some people pointed out that since HTC is trying to reduce the number of models, perhaps it will be easier and faster for them to release updates. And also that the change from 2.3 to 4.0 was a LOT more radical than it will be from 4.0 to 4.1. Seeing is believing......
  • Just hoping Sprint doesn't let me down too bad with my Galaxy Nexus, I mean we already have crappy 3G speeds the least they can do is keep this thing updated. I'm actually just glad to know I'll get it sooner than most other devices. It's the reason I got the Nexus over the other great choices also available on Sprint.
  • The OTA will take so long that the annoncement of "Key Lime Pie" wil lbe the day it finishes. :)
  • According to a friend of mine who has a source in HTC said ( Good News and Bad News )that my phone ( EVO LTE which means the One series probably is ready too ) had JB ready to go, but the bad news is that they were wondering if they should change sense again or not.
  • Nice! That's a pretty good news(the first one)
  • Will I get JB on my Nexus One?
  • Anymore, just buy an Android phone for the hardware from any MFG, and then put the newest Android on it yourself. That's the only smart thing to do. Developers upgrade their own phones and then go to ROM building for that model. Find yourself a great developer who is on the same carrier/device path as you and you're good to go lol
    I know this doesn't help the average person who doesn't root etc...but it's the best way to go in my opinion.
  • And it only works if you've got an unlocked bootloader.
  • I've seen the word "anymore" used in a lot of inappropriate ways, but that is one of the worst. "Anymore" does not mean the same thing as "lately" or "nowadays", and should only be used at the end of a question or a negative sentence containing "not" or one of its contraction (don't, isn't, won't, etc). "People don't use that word correctly anymore" is okay, "anymore, people have been misusing that word" isn't.
  • USAGE is how language evolves. Thus, the rules are not nearly important as the immediate need to successfully communicate. As long as the meaning remains clear, it's allowable informally (IMHO!) If the meaning is somehow muddled, then that's cause for concern. Some of these uses are colloquial and tend to fall hard on an outsider's ear. I hate grammar lessons given to techies and the like, but you don't see me bitchin' about it, or do you? I mean none of this to be disrespectful.
  • This does not always work. Many devices have poor after market support from Devs. It's just better to get a Nexus so you don't have to worry about it.
  • Translation: We are trying to get a Sense UI on it so it will be ready when everybody jumps ship to Nexus or Samsung. F@ck U HTC, I was ur only fan.
  • I thought google was supposed to be sending code and such to oem's during development to help resolve legacy update problems.. Was a big story last IO! Looks like not much has been done in a year. On a general forum note, remember these forums are open to everyone world wide including folks with English as a second or sixth language. As long as you can understand the intent of a post let's leave the English lessons, especially the rude ones, somewhere else. Thanks
  • HTC seems to give only 1 update per phone. So if you just got upgraded to ICS I would not hold my breath waiting for JB. The Inspire got bumped to Gingerbread last year and got passed over for ICS(Although it runs very well on my rooted Inspire).
  • the HTC Desire HD is going to get ICS (probably in a long time though) so I don't think the INSPIRE got passed over
  • I hate to say it but this is exactly why I got a nexus Device. It seems liek OEM's JUST released ICS on their flagship devices and already they are outdated.... Google JUST announced jellybean...and my GNexus has it :-)
  • HTC hurry!
  • You're so funny HTC!
  • I would be happy with kernel source for the One XL.
  • I'm on the HTC Rezound...great phone but still waiting for the update to ICS. I've now had a premiere samsung (original Galaxy S) and HTC phone (rezound). In both cases I feel a complete letdown by the company to provide me with current OS updates. The only difference is -- My Rezound at least has a working GPS and can answer calls (and keep them) better than my Galaxy S ever could. I'm not buying a new phone every year just to get the latest OS... I guess as much as I hate to say it, my next phone will either be a google nexus or an iPhone. At least then I can guarantee current updates.
  • In response to HTC and their updates... consider this: When the HTC EVO 4G came out it received an update to Gingerbread within two months of release. The EVO 3D had an update to Gingerbread shortly after it was released as well. I've had both and now have the EVO 4G LTE and expect that Jelly Bean (which is a minor update hence the 4.1 as opposed to a will be pushed as soon as they get their (HTC) hands on it and tested as it is a minor update like Gingerbread was from Froyo. I waited for 4.0 on my 3D but was rooted so it didn't really matter because the 3D ran it smoothly with nary a hiccup (unless I installed more advanced tweaks). HTC is a business and will respond to business matters as it makes sense (pun intended) to them financially. The cost of developing, servers, etc., has to be considered when pushing out any OTA updates. HTC says that they are committed to making high-end hardware from here on out and I think most of us can assume that they will have Jelly Bean on most of the higher end devices soon. For those of you not rooted or still waiting for Gingerbread, electronics get old and outdated the moment they hit the market. They will continue to operate for a long time (especially HTC)but may not have the hardware to run certain advanced features we're becoming familiar with reading about. Can you run Win7 on your old brick Dell laptop or does your first generation flat screen have the latest technology installed (can't think of any examples off of the top of my head, sorry)? If you want the latest, buy the latest. If you want to review a manufactures business practices when it comes to getting you free updates to a possible outdated system, fine. Just note the differences here. P.S. If you're considering another manufacture or even another OS, consider that the original iPhone cannot get SIRI on it nor can the 3G (unless maybe you jailbreak.) Android fragmentation, to me, is a beautiful thing. I have choice.
  • Theres a problem with this.. Why doesn't Google let it's partners in early? Especially major ones like HTC and Samsung. These companies are the life of Android, so why doesnt Google give them any information or early software to start building their own on?
  • Maybe they don't want Apple or WinMo getting a leak of upcoming features until the actual sdk is released? I mean, come on... they're always "borrowing" Android features and claiming that it's theirs... just a thought.
  • Because then what would be the selling point of Nexus devices offered by google?
  • What I'm hoping is that all the devices which HTC currently promises to give or already has given ICS, should get Jelly Bean.
  • well the way HTC updates us i will not buy a new htc phone at all htc dont care about users as you all can see that in the way of updates