HTC Hero's Build of Android Gets a Redesign, Looks Great -- VIDEO

We know that Cupcake still isn't officially here yet but we have another update of Android to wet your appetite. Haykuro from xdadevelopers managed to get a build of Android from the HTC Hero (a future Android device) and ported it over to the G1 to show off in a quick video tour.

And my, it looks GOOD. You get the same Android you've learned to love with a fresh interface that is both sleek and intuitive and some newly redesigned apps like the browser, calendar, music player, etc. It even looks a bit snappier to us. In all, we don't know if Cupcake can hold off our anticipation for the next build of Android!

Logical conclusions would lead us to believe that this is Android 2.0 Donut. Right?

[via modmygphone]

Casey Chan