HTC Hero Source Code Released

We've received news that HTC has just made the HTC Hero kernel source code public. For the average Android user, this isn't big news but for those who like to dib and dabble, tinker and mod their phones, this is magnificent news. Having the HTC Hero kernel source code available to the public releases all the inner workings of the software on the phone--every little painstaking detail. Now everyone will be able to see what HTC did to tweak Android and developers can offer the same performance enhancements in their own builds. Basically, with this, developers will be able to do a lot more and offer deeper access into their phones.

Sounds good by us. We're happy that HTC is following in line with Android's open source nature. What do you guys think?

[via gizmodo]

Casey Chan
  • Pretty coooool!!!! Thanks HTC...
  • Finally something for me to dabble with once I get my hands on my own htc hero.. way to go
  • Looking forward to what Cyanogen will do with it, particularly with the one-way sync bug in Calendar. But his ROM still rocks! Especially with the Dark Dream theme ;-)
  • As the gizmodo post says, this was legally required, and they were pretty late in releasing it anyway.
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