HTC Hero 'Rosie' Available For Download to the T-Mobile G1

We know we weren't the only ones drooling over the HTC Hero Rosie on the T-Mobile G1. If you saw the video tour, it was just mind-blowing, gorgeous, and to die for. Luckily, haykuro over at XDA developers has just made it available for download and though we don't think we're going to port this to our personal T-Mobile G1 yet, we suspect a few of you will.

Obviously, if you don't know what you're doing...stop right there and just enjoy your Cupcake. This process is a bit more difficult than just load and pop. For full instructions, check out the thread here.

Maybe if we can find some free time over the weekend, we'll give it a go...

[via engadget]

Casey Chan
  • My only hang up would be the Bluetooth. I love being able to multi-task with my G1. I loved the video that was produced for it and I would definitely get on my G1, but I need the bluetooth to work.
  • is ther a video tutorial to show how is don.wher can we see the video
  • will this work on the magic?
  • How do i download that stuff in the forum?
    its confusing. Please help.
  • Hello,to all I would like to start off by sayin I'm a newbie and I wanna get the beautiful rosie on my phone I haven't rooted my phone either but if any one would like to assist me I wouldn't mind payin them I jus really want that sexy look on my phone so I can show it off to my cuzin and down the line do it for them so if any one live close to me and knows what they are doin hit me up My aim is: mainemurda1
    My gmail is:
    My email is the same as gmail just to P.s please I'm beggin and hopin someone replys back I really want that look for my phone don't matter the price
  • I live in Southern California. I will $$$pay$$$ to put this on my G1.
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  • hey how areu doing ok im my deaf man smile ok my t-moblie G1 how uknow help me want fix daownload htc hero please fine ok thk u
  • If you get the hero ROM, would you be able to change your phone back to the G1 later?
  • If I rom my g1 for the Hero, would I be able to change it back to the G1