HTC Desire runs World of Warcraft, society's days are numbered

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. That is uber-popular MMO World of Warcraft being played by real human hands on a HTC Desire. Now, we could get into semantics and say "Well, the game is being streamed online and isn't really 'running' on the phone" but that really isn't the point here, is it? No, the point is that simply leaving your house is no longer enough to escape the addictive clutches of WoW -- It can and will follow you where ever you go.

This wizardry is possible thanks to online game streaming company GameString, which is dedicated to bringing video game streaming to the masses. In short, the game is run in "the cloud" and then you access the game's user interface from any browser. The service was designed for computers, but why not take advantage of the fast data connections modern phones have? Looks like 4G just got a lot more useful. Check out the full video demo after the break. [DroidGamers]

Now, if they could get Eve Online running with full gyro support I'd be set...

Kyle Gibb
  • Say goodbye to your battery if you do that :D But, yeah, I would totally be willing to do that. No, I have no shame...
  • Battery charger sales are going to increase. :-)
  • Oh dear lord... I'm never going to see my husband again. LOL
  • The world officially is going to come to an end. I have enough difficulty tearing myself away from the game, now I have no excuse. I may just have to stop playing entirely.
  • huh. that looks like it runs pretty damn well. I might have to give this service a try.
  • Wonder what kind of latency this has. Command has to go from phone to pc to blizzard to PC to phone. Also... FOR THE HORDE!!