HTC COO reportedly steps down

Matthew Costello is the most senior exec to step down after string of high-profile departures, Bloomberg reports

HTC Chief Operating Officer Matthew Costello has joined the list of high-profile executives to step down, according to a report from Bloomberg. Costello becomes the most senior employee to leave his job at the Taiwanese manufacturer, after a series of high-profile resignations were reported last month. According to an internal email seen by Bloomberg, HTC's president of engineering and operations Fred Liu will take over Costello's duties in a new, expanded role. Costello, the publication reports, will stay on in an executive advisory role following a move to Europe.

News of Costello's departure comes soon after the company reported improved May 2013 revenues following the launch of its flagship HTC One smartphone. However HTC has seen its market share and revenues dwindle over the past year, only recently showing signs of a turnaround off the back of the HTC One launch.

Other recent HTC departures have included the manufacturer's Asia CEO Lennard Hoornik, EMEA president Florian Seiche and Chief Product Officer Kouji Kodera.

Source: Bloomberg

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  • What the hell man....
  • good i'm glad he leaves because he feel slighted.Who cares he should move on. his ideas got stale,htc can do alot better. htc doesn't need stupid employees like him im glad Htc is getting rid of all the employees that holding htc back. HTC is here to stay and f the rest.
  • Htc hasn't gotten rid of anyone as far as we know... 'stepping down' doesn't meant being let go..... as far as we know, that is
  • 'stepping down' also doesn't mean they did so voluntarily. Nobody, except high levels within HTC, know for sure. All we can do is speculate. This could be a thorough housecleaning for htc, or it could be rats deserting a sinking ship... Only time will tell.
  • Companies may highly suggest one resigns rather than getting fired. Looks better on a resume.
  • When a whole sleuth of executives Jump ship relatively the same time, it usually means that ship is sinking. It also looks better on a resume to quit a job before the company collapses, rather than be apart of the collapse.
  • I agree with you. I think they are dumping dead weight that had been holding them back lets hope for a strong second half from HTC.
  • So now it's only children making One with bloody other employees ?
  • ??
  • Huhhhhhh?? Hmmmmmmm o_O
  • Awkward........
  • Sometimes, if you wanna build a better team, you have to shake up the current lineup. HTC will be fine.
  • The first person that needed to go was the CEO in my opinion, but he is still in play...
  • The CEO should of been the first to go or fall on his sword. But it looks like he would rather drive it in the ground than give up his position.
  • Good, they need to cut off the dead skin sitting around getting paid for no reason. The recent good performance of the One shows HTC can do it.
  • ...and yet another reason why I find it ridiculous that anybody would recommend a phone made by this company at this point. Wait til things settle down. If they last that long.
  • People recommend HTC phones because we don't want to see a one horse race in the Android market. Apple was so dominant with the iPhone they got Lazy, which allowed other players like Samsung to come in, and shake things up. Let's hope that HTC can make it!
  • I agree. I hope this just spurs new leadership and innovation. I wish there were more contenders, to be honest. S4 vs. One is annoying. I with Sony and LG (both who have been doing great, actually) would step it up just a little bit more. On the other hand, support for the One may dwindle. I can't imagine having a bad battery a year down the road and 1) you can't replace it and 2) the company is dead. =/
  • The HTC Evo LTE has a fixed battery, I do not know of anyone complaining about dead batteries. As to the company being "dead", I guess you've missed this article:
  • You realize revenue isn't EBITDA profit? For all we know their restructuring costs are out of control with all these high level departures and their COGS per unit could have increased with being downgraded to a tier 2 manufacturer. I wouldn't exactly count on Android Central for thoughtful financial analysis. Any time you see a "We made more revenue in Qx than ever before" fluff piece, it's usually safe to be skeptical of them actually making any money on that revenue. And just an example, Blackberry still makes very impressive revenue numbers but its not exactly the darling of the telecom handset makers anymore.
  • +1
  • I did not mention anything about profit, this part of your comment "for all we know", exactly we don't know. I am not using AC for financial analysis. I am sure AC has more insight then we do. I will say this, HTC selling over five million One's is pretty impressive, especially since the One is not on Verizon.
  • While you are trying to argue against me, I concur with all of your points. I had the OG EVO 4G and loved it. I want HTC to succeed. But they need to figure their stuff out NOW and FAST before they are pushed aside. Until they figure stuff out, I can't imagine recommending their products.
  • A lot of these CEO's, COO's etc. are just holding a title. They don't really do anything but collect a check. When a CEO thinks MS Suite is the name of a pastry you know something is wrong.
  • Hopefully they are getting rid of the ones that thought the HTC First was a good idea.
  • Htc is for here to stay. Google will make sure if that too counter Samsung dominance
  • That's irrational. Unless you are implying that Google will buy HTC when they go bankrupt, there has never been any indication that Google will purposely inject money into a hardware partner just to stop another hardware partner from making money. If they did that, Samsung would just stop selling Android phones and Google would be the biggest loser in that shake up.
  • Similarly, you're implying HTC will go bankrupt and there is no indication they will.
  • I imagine he means something along the lines of the Microsoft bailout investment t made with apple a while back, though I don't think Google is in a position to loan much without ramifications.
  • Google is Allready seeing that Samsung will not be using android much longer why else would they start Tizen os , and copy Google by having there own app store and s-translator and streaming music player and so on they are planning on leaving. Google will help HTC stay strong as a backup incase Samsung does leave android.