HTC Confirms Android 2.0 Handsets Coming Soon

You didn't think Motorola and Verizon would be alone with Android 2.0 handsets, did you? HTC just confirmed that their upcoming Android phones will also be equipped with Android 2.0 'Eclair'. In fact, HTC said that they've had Android 2.0 in-house for a while now so they've definitely been able to develop phones for the much anticipated Android build.

We've seen Android 2.0 in screenshots already and it definitely builds on the Android platform and improves the overall experience. We're very excited to see how 2.0 runs on the Droid and can only imagine that HTC will continue its Android excellence once 'Eclair' is released on their handsets. What's odd is that Google has yet to release a SDK for Android 2.0 (we're still on Android 1.6) and Sprint Android phones are stuck on 1.5. We're hoping the situation will become more clear and all of us Android users will enjoy the benefits of 2.0 at the same time.


Casey Chan
  • Given that HTC have 2.0 already and are working it into their new phones I wouldn't be at all surprised if they skip 1.6 all-together for the Hero. What would be the point as the first version 2 phone will be out in a couple of weeks now
  • I hope that isn't wishful thinking on your part... It would be great to get 2.0 instead of waiting for 1.6.
  • I will be very happy if my Hero gets 2.0 by January. Very. :-) Hope the Interface is fast on the old processor! I don't even care if they do without Sense UI. Fine with me. I just wanted a keyboardless form factor.