How's your Pixel 4 battery life?

Google Pixel 4 XL
Google Pixel 4 XL (Image credit: Joe Maring / Android Central)

Ever since Pixel 4 reviews started coming out last week, there's been a lot of commotion regarding the phone's battery life. While the Pixel 4 has an excellent camera package, display, and software experience, a lot of this is held back by the fact that the phone can barely make it through a full day of normal use.

This poor battery performance isn't all that surprising considering the small 2,800 mAh unit Google supplied the phone with, but even so, it is pretty disappointing.

Taking a look through the AC forums, here's how some other users are getting along with the Pixel 4's endurance.

I got my phone setup last night. I went through my normal morning ritual before work and still had 100%. On my OG XL, I would have been down to 80%


My battery life has been fine. I took it off the charger at 900AM this morning, 7 hours ago. I have 2 hours of screen on time, and I have 67% left. I see no problem getting through my days easily with this phone. BTW, I have the Pixel 4 XL.


I got my standard 4 on Tuesday. It's a fantastic phone. The battery life, however, ain't the best. I purchased and returned an iPhone 11 pro and really the only thing I miss is the battery life. Not sure why Google wouldn't forgo the camera hump and just make the phone a little thicker and put in a bigger battery. So, I definitely plug it in before the day is over. But like was said earlier...


Received my 4xl Thursday and decided to give the battery a little test yesterday. A couple of things. I forced 90hz in developer options, have everything turned on and have brightness on 90. Normally throughout the day I'm plugging my phone into my car for android auto and when I'm at my desk I can plug in too. I never really have a problem with battery on any phone because I can charge...


What about you? How's your Pixel 4 battery life?

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