How's your OnePlus 6 battery life?

Dash Charge on the OnePlus 6
Dash Charge on the OnePlus 6

It's hard to not like the OnePlus 6. Although the notch in the screen and glass back were thought to be controversial decisions, the phone ended up being our favorite OnePlus product to-date.

OnePlus makes a big deal about the 6's power, design, and cameras, but how's its 3,300 mAh battery working for early adopters?

A few of our forum users recently chimed in with their own experiences, and according to them, the OnePlus 6 is a battery champ.

7 hrs sot amolst 24 hours with 19% left


I agree, waaaay better than on my Note 8 with same size battery and better than my S9+ with bigger battery


That's the advantages of not having 1 Billion pixels. LOL Having a solid OS helps too. I was disappointed with my Samsung Galaxy S9+ battery life which is why I sold it after 2 months. That and I got $1,000 CAN for it. LOL


Yeah I'm getting very good battery life so far too. not that good, but I've had a few 7 hr screen time days during my regular 16-18 hour days. I'm averaging about 5.5-6.5 hours of screen time during a normal day. Just as good as my pixel 2 XL.


What about you? How's the battery life on your OnePlus 6?

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Joe Maring

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  • Great battery life. 6-7 hours SOT but most importantly it is CONSISTENT unlike my S9 and Note 8 and every Samsung I've ever had, where one day out of nowhere battery would tank and then would be fine again the next day.
  • OMG yes! This is exactly why I'll never have a Samsung phone again. My S7 Edge was schizophrenic when it came to battery life. Steller one day terrible the next. Reboot once a week to fix battery issues. My Lg V30 has excellent battery every day. I go 2 days most of the time with 4-6 hours screen time.
  • Not only 6 to 7hrs SOT, dash charging is the best of any! What more could you ask for!
  • Accessibility to Verizon? That's the only thing stopping me.
  • Dirge, me too!
  • Ditto 😕
  • Pretty good battery life here. In almost every way it's a dual SIM replacement for my Pixel XL
  • During the week I had it (returned due to the poor vibration motor and touch latency), I was lucky to get 5 hours of SOT with my typical usage. That's about an hour less than my S9+ and 3 hours less than my Pixel 2 XL gets on Android Phone beta with the same exact usage. I would call it average.
  • Touch latency is still a problem? In general, Android needs to be better with touch latency but at least Google has the Pixel to offer much better touch optimization with the software. Still a major gripe with Android.
  • Touch latency is not an Android problem. If it was, then HTC would not have the most responsive screens in the world. Even Alex here on AC called their touch response "perfect".
  • Amazing, unlimited never runs low or dies.. Oh I don't own a OnePlus 6!
  • My Pixel 2 XL has better battery life than the OnePlus 6.
  • Out of curiosity do you own a oneplus 6?
  • No but come on man the Pixel 2 XL has a slightly bigger battery and Google controls both the software and hardware with the Pixel.
  • Also has a higher resolution screen. Would Imagen the difference is a few minutes.
  • So as usual, you are talking through your arse.
  • As usual, I see you here, talking about your Pixel 2 XL, Again...
  • My BlackBerry KEYone last 2 days, roughly 9 hours per day.
  • GSMArena give almost exactly the same battery life for the OnePlus and the Galaxy S9. Really at this point with such standardised chipsets and batteries, difference in life for the same user with two phones is likely to be down to apps.
  • Yeah people don't really realize that no one company is going to have battery tech or software that's leaps and bounds better than that of other company's. While oneplus 6 and pixel may have the similar stock android....ppl need to realize that the screen resolution is a big just seems like folks aren't really aware of where smart phone tech is at these days. It's all about the software and will be for a while. It also just really bothers me how uninformed ppl will remain when they favor one company.
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