How's your LG G5 holding up?

Before LG released the mostly well-received G6, there was the G5. The LG G5 was one of the first modular phones that was released in a mainstream fashion, and while there were some good ideas with the phone, it was pretty much considered to be a flop. The cameras on the back were truly excellent for the time and the addition of microSD was great, but the questionable build quality, lackluster display, and dead-on-arrival modular system held it back from true greatness.

There are still some folks that are using the G5 nearly two years after its release, and despite the bad press it received at launch time, they seem to be quite happy with it.

Here's what some G5 owners in our forum have to say about the phone:

I still like mine. The specs and Performance are good. Battery life is acceptable, it will last all day with moderate usage and if you dim the screen a little. A lot of screen time with brightnees up all the way the battery goes faster than I expected. It does charge fast and can swap batteries. The modular features I think were cool on paper and in thought, in life not that useful and the...


Love my g5, except for the 16mp camera. This quit focusing properly after about 3 months (2000 pics). Cleared cache, factory reset 3 times, and replaced the camera. No improvement. Running nougat 7.0. Bought it used, so no warranty. Any others with same issue?


I am still very happy with this phone. I've had it for 7 months now and it hasn't loat a bit of speed or responsiveness. I'm fine with the cameras though clearly they've made a quantum leap since, from everything I've read about the V30 (which I drool about!) but these cameras are awesome, especially the "std" 16 mp with amazing manual mode and, honestly, totally kick-butt auto performance, both...

Jeff Bellin

I've had my G5 since May 2016. And I too cannot understand why this phone received the reviews it did. I love this phone and for over a year I couldn't put it down. The GPS is the only thing that was spotty. Everything else always worked great and still does. As much as I love it I recently picked up a V20 at a reasonable price and handed off the G5 to my wife but I can't pry the Nexus 4 out...


Now, we'd like to hear from you – If you own an LG G5, are you still liking the phone?

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