Twitter recently opened up its verification procedure to anyone who wants to attempt to convince the company they are worth that coveted blue checkmark.

While it's still unclear how Twitter decides how one gets verified — those approved are "accounts of public interest," according to the company — the steps to get there are now much clearer.

How to get verified with your Android phone

  1. Head to Twitter's official verification page in your Chrome browser.
  2. Sign in to the Twitter account you want verified (if prompted).
  3. Read the information and tap Continue.
  4. Tap Next after verifying the account in question is the one you want verified.

  5. Enter between two and five websites to help Twitter identify your account.
  6. Enter up to 500 words to tell Twitter why your account should be verified.
  7. Tap Next once you are happy with your entries.
  8. Review your request and press Submit.

Once you submit your request, Twitter will then take some time to deliberate and will contact you over email to deliver the good, or bad, news.

What next?

If for some reason your request for verification is denied, you must wait 30 days to apply again — hopefully with a more convincing argument. Got questions? Leave a comment below!