how to set up google account

Your Galaxy Nexus can be an amazing tool for keeping your life organized.  Before it can be the tool you need it to be, you need to get your valuable information into your device.

The reality in today’s smartphone world is that organization of your important data – contacts, calendars and media is easiest when you “buy into” the ecosystem of the primary developer.

That means, iPhone and iPad users have an easier time when they let iTunes control their syncing and important information, Windows Phone users have an easier time when they use Windows Live and Outlook and Android users have an easier time when they let Google store and sync their data.

Setting up and syncing your Google account on your Galaxy Nexus

Even before you login into your Google account on your Galaxy Nexus, the first thing to do is get your “Google house” in order.  That means login into your Google account on your Mac or PC and make sure that your contacts and calendars are just the way you want them to be before you bring them over to your device.

If you have duplicate contact entries, use the built in tools in Google contacts to merge them.  If you have been meaning to subscribe to calendars in your Google calendar, subscribe via your computer so the information transfers seamlessly into your device.

Google Folder

Once your Google account is set up on your computer, you are ready to bring in your information. There are a couple of ways of syncing your Galaxy Nexus with your account – the first way is:

  1. Power on and unlock your Galaxy Nexus.
  2. Either pull down the Notification area and tap the Settings icon at the top of the screen or simply slide to the second Home screen and touch the Settings icon.
  3. Scroll down to the Personal settings and tap   Accounts and sync.
  4. Tap Add Account at the bottom of the screen.
  5. Sign in to your Google account.

sign in to Google Account

Your information will then start to sync to the Galaxy Nexus. Be patient; this process can take a while – especially if you have thousands of Contact entries.

Android Central

One of the nice things about the Galaxy Nexus is that there are a few ways to get to the Google sign in screen to sync your data:

  1. Touch the People hub for the first time and you should be prompted to enter your Account information. Consequently, touch the “more” icon in the lower right hand corner and just tap Accounts.
  2. Touch the Calendar app, and touch the “more” icon – this time in the upper right hand corner and touch Settings. Touch Add Account in the upper right hand corner.
  3. Tap the Gmail icon for the first time and you will also be prompted to input your Google information.

You can easily decide just how much of your Google information you want synced into your Galaxy Nexus. You have the freedom to bring as much or as little of your information as you desire.

  1. Get to your Settings app from either the top of the pull down Notification area or the Settings icon on the second Home screen.
  2. Touch on the Google account you wish to adjust.
  3. All of the options available for synchronization are listed; you can sync:
  • Browser
  • Calendar
  • Contacts
  • Google Drive
  • Gmail
  • Google Photos
  • Instant Upload
  • Music

Then either check or uncheck the appropriate box to sync the information you want.

Choose what Google information to sync

The beauty of this on an Android phone is that it just works. Your information is then synced to the device and can be viewed from the appropriate device.

Once you are signed in you should have all your Contacts and Calendar entries, all your Google Music, all your Photos and more.

Just remember that if your phone is synced with your Google account, any changes you make to contact information, calendar entries or other changes will be made across any and all devices that sync with your Google account.

How has syncing your Google information worked with your Galaxy Nexus or other Ice Cream Sandwich phone? Let us know in the forums.