How to set reminders and alarms on Wear OS

Ticwatch Pro 3 Reminder Lifestyle
Ticwatch Pro 3 Reminder Lifestyle (Image credit: Chris Wedel/Android Central)

It seems like our lives are getting busier and busier, seemingly making it more difficult to remember things. People have all sorts of ways to help them keep track of their to-dos. From sticky notes to strings on their finger, and while these options may work, there are more digital ways to do the same thing. One tool I use is to use my TicWatch Pro 3, and knowing how to set reminders and alarms on Wear OS can be a lifesaver.

How to set a reminder on Wear OS

Using your smartwatch to set a reminder is quick and easy. This method also keeps you from pulling out your phone when you are on the go.

  1. Press the side button on your watch.
  2. Scroll through the apps and tap on Reminders.
  3. Choose the plus sign next to Add reminder.
  4. Say out loud the subject of the reminder and when to be reminded. Source: Chris Wedel/Android Central

You can also set a reminder as you would on your favorite smart speaker, and that's by using Google Assistant. You can activate your Google Assistant on your Wear OS watch by either pressing and holding the side button or swiping to the right and pressing the microphone icon.

How to set an alarm on Wear OS

Have you ever been so busy doing something that you don't hear or notice the alarm you set going off on your phone — no, just me? Well, it's much harder to miss that alarm when it's strapped to your wrist.

  1. Open the app drawer by pressing the side button on your watch.
  2. Scroll through the apps and tap on Alarm.
  3. Press the plus sign next to New alarm.
  4. Set the time you want your alarm for.
  5. Tap the icons for the type of alarm you want — sound, vibrate, or both.
  6. Tap on One time to set the frequency of the alarm. Source: Chris Wedel/Android Central

Similarly to setting a reminder, you can also set alarms on your Wear OS smartwatch by using your Google Assistant. Once you have activated your assistant, simply tell Google what time to set the alarm for.

Now that you know how to set reminders and alarms using your Wear OS smartwatch, you can keep track of all the things you need to do and never be late again — right?

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