How to set up the LG V10 fingerprint scanner

Fingerprint security is all the rage on mobile devices lately. The LG V10 has it baked deep into the OS, so we wanted to take a look at how you get things set up and running. That's what we do best here at Android Central. Teach a man to fish, and all that.

Fingerprint security is not exactly new, but when companies like Apple and Samsung get on board with an idea it gets traction and people learn more about it. When that happens, people like what they see, and want more of it. The companies who make our phones are happy to oblige.

Since LG is doing its own thing, and it's different than how Google or Samsung does it, let's see how to get started.

LG V10 fingerprint scanner

It's easy to set up, and all you need is a finger and an LG V10.

Grab your phone, and open the settings. If you have your settings in the default tab view, flip over to the General tab. Scroll down a little ways and you'll see Fingerprints and security under the Privacy section. That's where we want to be, so go ahead and tap on it.

On the next page, Fingerprints is at the top of the list. Tap that puppy. You'll need to enter your PIN or other lockscreen security method you may be using here, so go on and do it. Here's where the fun begins.

You can see the "+ Add Fingerprint" entry at the top of the page you're on. That's where we will add a fingerprint. You can add more than one, and even if you think you won't need to you should probably do it. You don't want a band-aid keeping you from using your fingerprint scanner, and using it with a different digit can be handy when you're multitasking in real life. So anyhoo, tap to add a fingerprint.

Place your finger on the Power key. Lift and place your finger repeatedly and differently.

The "repeatedly and differently" part is the important bit. You need to fill the "bar" to 100 percent, without using the same part of your finger more than once. This is so that the scanner can recognize your finger at different angles and different positions. LG did a great job here forcing you to add enough fingerprint data to the system.

Once you're done there, tap OK and go back to the main Fingerprint settings screen.

V10 fingerprint settings

There are setting here about what you can do with your newly scanner fingerprint. They are pretty self-explanatory,

  • Unlock screen with your fingerprint allows you to unlock your screen with your fingerprint. Duh. You'll need to add a backup method here in case things go south.
  • Show locked content in Gallery and QuickMemo+ with your fingerprint allows you to use your fingerprint to show any of the sensitive "stuff" you've put in the locked portions of your gallery app or saved from QuickMemo+.

You can even use your fingerprint to authenticate some apps, and you'll see the PayPal app listed there.

The next thing you want to do is add at least one other finger to the system (I recommend the index finger on each hand, or your primary fingers if you don't have both of those) as one of those just in case things. You can then tap on the default "Finger1" name if you like and rename it to something more descriptive, like RT-Index or LULZ-My-Wiener if that's how you roll.

Editor's note: In the name of science, we can tell you a weiner won't work here. You're welcome.

The most important thing is that you set the darn thing up! A fingerprint may or may not be the most secure way of locking down your phone, but it's a million times (or more) better than nothing at all. Now you know how easy it is, so get to it!

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • Just doesn't work to well
  • I'm in agreement. But that's for another post :)
  • Mine works all the time. It's very accurate and quick. To get it to work with a case takes some effort. You have to put the case on, then redo your fingerprints with the case on.
  • It works great without a case.... But as soon as you put a case on its useless unfortunately. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I think it depends on the case. I bought a Spigen one (not what I wanted but needed something while I waited for an imported case to arrive) and fingerprints didn't register at all. The cheap imported (Imak) one came and works perfectly, just as often as no case at all. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I had a cheap one and it worked occasionally. I got my Spigen slim armor and it won't work at all... Oh well I'd rather my phone be protected, I have smart lock with my g watch anyways. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Yeah my Spigen one worked about 1/100 times, this one I'm using about 99/100 times. Was only about £3/$5 on eBay so wasn't expecting much but I couldn't recommend it more! I also found the Spigen case quite slippy and heavy, I'd heard good things about them but massively disappointed. Posted on LG V10 via the Android Central App
  • My spigen case works fine Posted via the Android Central App
  • Register finger print with the case on... Posted via the Android Central App
  • I've always wanted to unlock my phone with my crotch. It's a freaking shame that LG doesn't include a good enough scanner Posted via the Android Central App
  • Or in my case, a large enough one. HEEEEYYYYOOOO!
  • I think he was referring to using the name Weiner for your finger, not using a weiner as your finger. Your dreams are still alive!
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  • Kiiiinda tough to use a smart phone with no fingers. Just a guess. Those people will have to get a new Lumia with the retina scanner and use Cortana for everything, lol
  • I think its important to mention that you have to set up another lock screen protection method first, otherwise the fingerprint setup option isn't available. Also, whatever that first lock screen security method it is the default security method on the phone. Really all the fingerprint scanner does is unlock the screen, which kind of sucks since the scanner on other phones does more. Also, unlike the new Nexus phones you have to push the power button first and then scan your finger. I wish just touching the sensor would unlock it. Hopefully when LG updates it to marshmallow it will take advantage of the new fingerprint API's.
  • But 0 x 1000000 is still 0.... Posted via the Android Central App
  • Someone needs to make a case that leaves at least part of the metal sides visible. It just doesn't work with a case that blocks the sides. To verify this, I set up my fingerprint without the case on (it would not read at all with the case). Now, with the case on, if I pull back the edge slightly so my thumb touches the side, it works every time.. Without doing that, it's just a power button.
  • Can you trim part of the case with a razor? Maybe somewhere along the side where your thumb naturally rests when you go to unlock the phone?
  • There could be something to that. The small electrical charge or ground from the metal contact through the hand may affect the print reading and why it doesn't work as well once people "case up"... Hmmm. Anyone know about the science around that?
  • "Editor's note: In the name of science, we can tell you a weiner won't work here. You're welcome." Maybe the V10 could tell you weren't happy to see it?
    Maybe it needed a bigger sample size?
    Circumsized? Uncircumsized? Maybe only one or the other would work?
    When I use mine on my wife, she doesn't turn on either. I couldn't pick just one retort, there you go, lol. I had one more, but it wasn't very kind toward Korean men. I left it out, use your imagination...
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  • I wanted to try out the fingerprint security. But, as usual, I find it, along with regular security measures, to be annoying. Now that I've set it up, I can stop fingerprint security, but I cannot turn off the pattern security. The lock screen page says the no-security option is disabled by something else. Is anyone else experiencing this?