How to set up the LG G4

LG's way of doing things in software is not always the same as everyone else in Android land, and as a result things may seem a little different when you decide to make the jump and move in to a shiny new G4. This setup process is mostly harmless, but there's a few things you should know about ahead of time to make the experience as painless as possible.

Ready? Here we go.

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Connecting your G4 to a network

LG G4 Connectivity

The first thing your G4 is going to want to do is ensure you're connected to a mobile network. Assuming you've got a SIM card from your mobile provider in the device already, this step is mostly about confirming your connecting and establishing a connection. If you'd rather complete the setup process over Wifi, which would mean you're not using your mobile network to sync all of your data and install all of your apps, you can tap the Wifi toggle here and log in to your network of choice.

Once you have chosen how you want to connect for setup, you can move on to the next step.

Logging in to or creating a Google Account

G4 Sign in

Your Google Account is, for most folks, the center of your Android experience. If you have already owned an Android phone before and are already using a Google Account, you have the option here to use NFC to beam your account details from your old device to your new one. This process is quick, and saves you from having to log in to your accounts individually if you're using more than one for things like email. All you need to do is enable NFC on your old phone and tap it to the back of your G4. You'll hear a brief chirp and then be asked to provide passwords for your accounts on the G4, after which you'll be logged in to all of your accounts.

If you're unable to use NFC from your old phone, or you've never had a Google Account, tap Next and you'll be prompted to log in through the keyboard or create an account. Account creation is quick to start, and Google will walk you through choosing a Gmail address and supplying personal information, and once you're finished you can move on to the next step.

Personalizing your G4

G4 Personalize

This device belongs to you now, which means it's time to make that clear to the world. You G4 will now prompt you to add your name to the phone in case it is lost or stolen, and the next page invites you to secure the phone with a pattern or pin lock. This is a simple process, especially if you opt to lock your phone with a pattern. That extra bit of security can often be the difference between misplacing your phone for a few minutes and having your friend post obscenities to Facebook in your honor, not to mention keeping someone from easily entering your device and accessing things like bank accounts.

It's a good idea to set up now, and if you're unhappy with the results you can always change it in Settings later on.

Accepting terms

G4 Legal

Before you are taken to your homescreen, Google and LG have a few checkboxes for you to look over. LG's information is about their End User License Agreement, which talks about how you use their apps and services that are provided on top of Android. Google's information, however, references the use of location services. You need location services for things like Google Maps and navigation, but whether you choose to have it on all the time is entirely up to you.

These boxes are checked by default with an ex plainer regarding Google's privacy policy, but you can opt out by unchecking those boxes here. If you decide later you'd like to use these things, they can be enabled in Settings. After you select I agree and Next in the LG EULA, you're all done and can start enjoying your new G4.

Setting up a Verizon G4

If you're on a Verizon Wireless version of the LG G4, there are a few more steps in the setup process. Before you get to sign in with a Google Account, Verizon would like to tell you about the Verizon Services you have available to you on this phone. This includes Verizon's Cloud services for storing things like contacts and photos, as well as a separate configuration screen for email accounts that don't belong to Google. Everything here can be skipped if you aren't interested in using these services, but if you are already a Verizon Cloud user or are interested in signing in to other accounts, this is the place to do it.

Once you've completed these Verizon-specific setup screens, you'll be taken to the Google Account sign in page, and follow the same steps as every other G4.

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  • I recently moved from Lumia Windows Phones to Android, probably the toughest part of the transition so far is how one of the best cameras on the Android market is a lightyear behind the flagship Lumias when it comes to photographing :/ Other than that I've been surprised how painless it has been, although I do miss a handful of things.
  • hows that performance on par with iphone 6 lol
  • Battery life on the G4 has been a little disappointing for me, but I was coming from a Z3 Compact, so I was pretty much ready to be let down by the battery life of whatever I bought.
  • Did you have to do anything special to it to get good battery life? I returned mine after a week because losing 30% of my charge over night was annoying. Perhaps I had a dud, who knows. I've just read so many conflicting reports on it though. Some people have great battery life but they have to disable all location based services as well as toggle radios depending on where they are. This is something I refuse to do, which is why I also returned the GS6. Right now I'm waiting for the Note 5 and I want to see if BlackBerry actually has an android phone coming out this year. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Great news, unfortunately it was not written yesterday when I bought the phone hahahahahahaha, I had to learn it myself
    But i find a bug and I can't find solution.
    No matter the percentage that I put the brightness of the device, whenever I turn off and turn on back the percentage back to 100%.
    Does anyone know how do I get saved the percentage that I choose? (I put 50%)
  • If I were you, I'd probably just turn brightness to automatic. The device's ambient light sensor software is pretty accurate.
  • You could always head to the Forums... Pull down the notification shade. On the brightness slider, select the level of brightness you desire. You will see a C (Custom) once you begin sliding. That's your custom setting that you can set to your desire. This is how it is on the International H815. You could also go into the Display settings and do it from there.
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  • Ava?....or Erica?
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  • Same, I don't know but may be there were a bad G4 batch released
    alots user included me found the phone Laggy , painful to browse the
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  • Wow. You guys sound like her lol. She said to me today "I don't see what the big deal is about this thing. I'm actually thinking of taking it back". She's not even overly impressed with the camera anymore and she takes more picture's than anyone I know. I even showed her the drone video. To me it's a nice phone but not enough for me to upgrade yet. She says it freezes sometimes and gets hot. Idk though. My wife is hard on her phones, uses them while charging a lot, sits on it because she keeps it in her back pocket at work, so it could be her for all I know. She's not a android nerd like me but I can definitely say she's not impressed with her G4 and she upgraded from a G2 Posted via...The One
  • Anyone have issues with the phone getting hot while using it for simple things like Twitter, Instagram etc? The top 1/3 of the phone gets pretty hot after about 5+ mins of use. The bottom 2/3ish of the screen isn't that hot, it's just around the camera/volume buttons. I love the phone other than this. Seem a few things about it, but don't see a lot of people complaining about this issue. Thanks!
  • Based on other articles I've read, it's a common problem. And, as you say, it doesn't have anything to do with playing games or other CPU-intensive apps.
  • Mine gets a little warm when,watching a video or playing an occasional game, but never hot. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I didn't like it and sent mine back. I was just a little faster than my Xperia Z Ultra in benchmarks and web browsing.
    The only thing good about it was the camera.
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