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There's no need for any extra apps, the G3 can do it out of the box

Refocusing photos – or blurring parts of it out to create a depth of field effect – is all the rage these days and if you've picked up a new LG G3 you'll be pleased to hear you can do it out of the box. No need to download additional apps, such as Google Camera, with the Magic Focus mode in the stock LG camera app you can take and refocus photos with ease.

Here's how it works.

Simply open up the standard LG camera app on your G3. Look for the "Mode" button on the left hand side of the screen and tap on it. The slide out menu that appears will display 4 options, and you'll want to tap on the one labelled "Magic Focus."

What Magic Focus does is allow you to change the focus point of the photo after you've changed it. Where something like Google Camera will focus on an object and allow you to change the amount of background blur, here we're getting something more akin to Nokia's Refocus app on Windows Phone.

LG G3 Magic Focus

To take your pictures you need to get close to your subject and hold the phone as still as you possibly can. Once you hit the shutter button the G3 will spend a few seconds grabbing the shots it needs and processing them together into one image.

Once it's processed you'll be prompted to tap on the gallery in the top right hand corner to refocus. The easiest way to do this is to simply tap on the area of the photo you want to be in focus, but you can also adjust it using the slider on the right. If you don't like the effect and decide you want it all in focus tap the button labelled so along the top, and once you're happy hit save and you're done!

It's a subtle effect, and we've got a couple of quick samples to have a look at below.

For more, see our LG G3 help page, and swing by our G3 forums!