How much do you really care about 5G?

Verizon 5G speed test
Verizon 5G speed test (Image credit: Android Central)

In both 2019 and 2020, one of the biggest talking points for the mobile tech industry has been 5G. The next evolution of mobile internet access has the potential to change our world for the better, but the journey to get to that point is a long and bumpy one.

This has been the year when 5G has become truly accessible to a large number of people, but even so, these early days are proving to be pretty mixed. For example, while sub-6 5G is almost as widespread as 4G LTE, the speed increase is pretty marginal compared to the much more powerful mmWave 5G.

Some of our AC forum members recently got to talking about 5G, saying:

I'm in between the New York City and Philly-metro area and I don't expect to see it available for any practical use for years. Perhaps Verizon will push to put mini-substations into homes before it's widely available. They'd have to spin-up something more attractive than Fios to win me over. Presently I have Xfinity/Comcast and since their mobile network utilizes Verizon's network perhaps that is...


5G on phones is nothing more than for bragging rights anyway, so no use getting worked up over it.


5G is 4 counties away from me.. 80 miles. Its where the rich folks live.. But I would like for my phone to work on 5G if I'm in the area. But Verizon would want me to pay for it. Not willing to pay for something that should be free. If this is what 5G is all about.. Why not just stop 5G right now. And quit wasting people's time


I use roughly 1.5GB per month, 5G is pointless for me. I'll keep my $10 a month.


This got us to wondering — How much do you really care about 5G?

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Joe Maring

Joe Maring was a Senior Editor for Android Central between 2017 and 2021. You can reach him on Twitter at @JoeMaring1.

  • To be honest, I'm in no hurry to see 5g. I've got a ZTE axon 10 pro with the 855soc, and it's blazing fast on T-mobile. It has band 71 and 66 too, so I see no need for 5g at this time.
  • Did you get it for $300?
  • I only want 5g more widespread so that we can have better choices for ISPs. In my city we have 2-3 options for an ISP. With 5g getting more widespread in the years and months ahead, competition will push prices down so that we're not chained to Spectrum or Comcast.
  • I care enough to know I don't want it on my cell phone because all it will do for me is increase the price of my phone. LTE at 30-40Mbps is good enough for me even if or when 5G becomes available in my area. Not sure why people need faster internet on a phone when the most demanding thing people do is stream video that a lot of times is throttled to 480p. The only thing I really even remotely care about 5G is the potential for rural home internet but I am sure carriers will make the price/terms/limits/caps or whatever so bad that no one will want to use it or it won't really be feasible as home internet even if it becomes available.
  • I agree about the rural home internet. I have 20MB DSL, with the only option of 25MB satellite.
  • I bought a new phone last month that isn't 5G. I've seen 5G at work on other phones in my area, which has had 5G for nearly a year. Just don't see a need for it right now or in the near future.
  • I care 0%. 4G is more than fast enough already.
  • Not at all. 4G is plenty fast for everything I need it to do. 5G is overkill for me and will drive up costs even farther.
  • We don't need it. It's just driving up the cost of phones.
  • I don't care about it at all. I'd just like to get consistent cell phone coverage where I live rather than zero to two bars all the time.
  • Not much at all.
  • 5g is for people who downloaded or upload a lot of Gigas every day... Or perhaps share it with many others. For social media, streaming, internet browsers, email, down loading files for work etc,.. 4g is blazing fast.. I've never had a stutter when streaming movies etc.
    Perhaps when 8k movies come out and 4k is obsolete then Perhaps we need 5g speeds.