How many smartphones do you own?

If you ask any of the staff here at Android Central how many phones we have, the answer would be "too many." We all typically have more than one device on us at all times as part of the job, but we also understand that the work we do isn't the most traditional thing out there.

So, whatever the reason may be, we want to know how many phones you have.

Here's how some of the AC forum members have responded so far:

I have two phones now - currently using my Google Pixel 2; and I have an Honor 8 (my old phone) as a backup. I've used six smartphones thus far: a BlackBerry Bold 9780, a BlackBerry Q10, a Nexus 5, an LG G3, an Honor 8, and a Google Pixel 2. Next up may be one of the following: an LG G- or V-series phone, the Pixel 4, or maybe a OnePlus phone. But that'll only happen in over a year from now.


I have 4 phones that I still currently use . But the 2016 Iphone SE is just a WiFi connected phone I use to beta test IOS So just 3 phones I switch my 2 Sim cards around in 2016 Iphone SE (64GB)WiFi only 2016 Pixel ( 128 GB Sailfish) 2017 Pixel 2 XL ( 128 GB Panda) 2018 Iphone Xr (128GB) At this time the 2016 Pixel and the Iphone Xr have the Sim cards in , but tonight I will switch...


Still have a Note 3, Note 4, Note 5, Note 8, Note 9, and S7. Note 5/S7 are my favorite, I don't care for the new designs that much. I had but gave away an S3, Note 2, LG G2X, and some other old LG.


The ones I currently have lying around: Pixel 2 XL (main phone) Honor 8 (backup, being used by my daughter as a wi-fi only device) Honor 5X (terrible phone I got for free, but at least has a nice screen) Nexus 5 Past phones include: Pixel XL Nexus 6P

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Now, we want to hear from you. How many smartphones do you own?

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