How to fix 'You do not have permission to play Fortnite' error

Fortnite Marvel
Fortnite Marvel (Image credit: Epic Games)

If you've tried logging into your Epic account recently, you might have seen an error stating "you do not have permission to play Fortnite." First of all, stay calm. This is something that many people are experiencing right now, not just you. Epic is aware of the issue and is working to fix it.

This error seems to be occurring to people who have multiple emails tied to their Epic Games account. To fix the issue you will need to unlink any unnecessary emails.

How to fix the "You do not have permission to play Fortnite" error

  1. Head to the Epic Game Store.
  2. When you get to the Sign In screen, select Forgot your password.
  3. Next it will ask you for your email. Enter any of your past emails that you think might have ever been connected to your Epic Games account.
  4. If you get an email from Epic Games on one of the emails that you entered, then you know that this past email is connected your Epic Games account.
  5. Login to Epic Games using this old email
  6. Select Connections.
  7. Select Accounts.
  8. Unlink the past email from your Epic Games account.
  9. Now log out of this old email account.
  10. Log back into your Epic Games account using the email you want associated with it.
  11. Select Connections.
  12. Select Accounts.
  13. Link the correct email to your Epic Games account.

Hopefully going through these steps fixes the issue you're experiencing with your Epic Games account and lets you return to your Fortnite free-for-alls.

Rebecca Spear
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