How does AT&T's Mobile Share plan work?

If you have more than one device on your wireless account, AT&T's Mobile Share Value plan can save you money. This is especially true when you buy 15GB of data or more.

Let's take a closer look at the plan and how it works.

Buy more data to save money

The major cost for the Mobile Share plan is the data portion, and how much data you buy defines how much you pay for everything else, as well as how many perks you get.

For instance, when you buy 15GB of data or more, unlimited international calling and texting from the United States to over 120 countries is included.

Another example is the access fee you pay per device you add to the plan. It drops from $25 to $15 for plans with 15GB of data or more.

AT&T VoIP services with unlimited domestic calling are only available if you have 15GB or more of data as well.

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Data is shared from one source

As the name implies, you share data across all devices on the plan. Data is shared from a single pool: there's no data limit for each device.

For example, if you buy 5GB of data and have five phones on your account, each phone doesn't get 1GB of data. What happens instead is that if one of the phones uses up 3GB streaming Netflix, the shared pool now drops to 2GB.

Unused data gets rolled over into the next month, but you have to use it up by the end of that next month; you can't keep accumulating data for a year.

Unlimited domestic calling and texting included

Regardless of the amount of data you purchase, unlimited domestic calling and texting is included. This is a huge savings, especially if you or someone in your family calls or texts a lot.

How many devices can I have on the AT&T Mobile Share Value plan?

You can have up to 10 devices on the Mobile Share Value plan. You're not limited to just smartphones:

  • Tablets, gaming and connected devices: $10 per month.
  • Laptops, netbooks, and hotspot devices: $20 per month.
  • AT&T Wireless Home Phone: $20 per month.
  • AT&T Wireless Home Phone and Internet: $30 per month.

"AT&T Wireless Home Phone" and "AT&T Wireless Home Phone and Internet" require that you purchase 15GB or more of data.

How much data can you get?

You can buy data in buckets on the Mobile Share Value plan. They start as low as 300MB and go up from there:

  • 300MB: $20
  • 2GB: $30
  • 5GB: $50
  • 15GB: $100
  • 20GB: $140
  • 25GB: $175
  • 30GB: $225
  • 40GB: $300
  • 50GB: $375

Unlimited data is available if you also have DirecTV.

Data overage charges

If you go over your data limit, how much AT&T charges you depends on the amount of data you've bought.

  • 300MB: $20 per 300MB over the limit.
  • 15GB or more: $15 for every 1GB over the limit.

Additional charges

Taxes, both federal and state apply and other various charges such as universal service charges and regulatory cost recovery fees.

Another cost is the phone subsidy through AT&T Next, if you're financing a phone. This charge adds from $10 to $40 to your bill every month, for every phone financed.

Is the Mobile Share Value plan right for me?

If you've got kids that text, stream, and play mobile games on their phones, then you should consider a family plan because it will save you money, especially in the higher data buckets.

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