How does the AmazonBasics Microwave work with Alexa?

Best answer: AmazonBasics works manually or by voice command. It is a smart microwave that has Alexa built right into it for your everyday use.

Alexa can cook

Amazon's Alexa voice assistant has risen to become the voice assistant of choice because there are infinite ways she helps with day-to-day life, and now she can even cook your food. AmazonBasics microwave works as a smart device with Alexa to perform its functions at the sound of your voice. We all have microwaves, but let's admit it, most of us do not even know what half of those buttons do anyway.

Because the microwave itself does not have a built-in microphone or speaker, you must have an echo device nearby in order for the Alexa function to work on your microwave. Gone are the days of pushing multiple buttons and fretting over what setting to cook your food on. Rely on Alexa to calculate the cook times and heating levels.

Are you worried some of your less tech-savy friends and family may not get how to use it? No problem! They can still operate just like a normal microwave.

Set up is easy

Once you have the microwave set up with Alexa, you are ready to get cooking! Here's how.

  1. Plug in your AmazonBasics microwave.
  2. Connect it to the internet using your Alexa app on your phone.
  3. In your Alexa app, select devices and then the plus icon.
  4. Select Microwave and then select AmazonBasics to complete setup.

Operate the microwave with specific commands like, "Alexa, cook one potato," "Alexa, make popcorn," or "Alexa, reheat a cup of coffee." You can also forego saying "Alexa" and command the microwave by pushing the Alexa button on the microwave and saying what you want it to do.

Make life easier

You may have to still actually put the food in the microwave and take it out yourself. Alexa can't magically make gourmet meals appear and float to your dinner table (yet!). But for being a microwave that offers all the basics of a regular microwave and can save you the hassle of pushing buttons, or possibly pushing the wrong buttons, Alexa could be a lifesaver with this microwave.

As an added bonus, with AmazonBasics microwave you can even get automatic reordering of popcorn by inserting in the app the number of bags you have and then getting a 10% discount on every order. Alexa will never let you run out!

Amy Hartley