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How bad is Bixby in early 2019?

Oh, Bixby.

Bixby, Bixby, Bixby, Bixby.

Samsung's AI designed to take on the likes of the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa has had a pretty rough life so far, but in 2018, it received some big updates and improvements — more specifically, Bixby 2.0 was officially released.

In early 2019, how does Bixby compete with other voice assistants? Is it started to get better, or is Samsung still a ways behind the rest of the market?

Here's what our Android Central forum users have to say.

Now I'm starting to swipe to left yo see what's good with my day and my social media it's very informative cant believe I like it have any of you experience this


Maybe I'm ignorant. But Bixby seemed better on my Note 8, before it was upgraded. Before, when opening it up I had a list of things, much like the old Google Now. But since going to the 9 it appears it's all voice driven. What I'm I missing?


I use it for voice commands, it's much better than Google.


I use Bixby mostly for phone settings - screen brightness, turn bluetooth on or off, open the Waze app, stuff like that. Google voice is awesome and in what I've tried between Bixby and Google, Google typically works quicker. Google is great for non phone setting things (what are the holiday hours for "ABC Store" , and various other searches.


What about you? Are you enjoying Bixby in early 2019?

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  • Besides telling Bixby a simple command to either turn my notification/system volumes to zero or back up to 80%/75%, I haven't really used it. I know there is a $h¡t-ton of stuff it can do, I just haven't taken the time to learn the commands. I have, however, asked it to tell me jokes or to rap for me. It's kinda funny!
  • It's not trying to be like Google or Alexa, it's a standalone assistant for your device. Not a Google search, which is why people think it's bad because it honestly lacks in that area. If I want to know something I'll go to Google for it, But commands for the way that I use my phone, I definitely use Bixby
  • Get rid of the hardware button for it. If there is a bixby button but no headphone jack in the S10 they are doing something wrong and that's even before mentioning the glory hole in their new displays.
  • Oh Man! The Glory Hole! ROFL! I haven't been a fan of the camera/sensor hole since I first heard of it, but I haven't been able to come up with a slick way of easily describing it negatively. The S10 Glory Hole! So awesome!
  • When I want to actually do things with my phone multiple commands etc.bixpy all day Google assistant doesn't hold a candle to bixpy for system stuff. I want to do basic Google stuff like searches and navigation then I use Google assistant.
  • Bixby not being able to use anything other than it's own messaging app for texts...hard stop. TEXTRA FTW!
  • Try thinking. I have not been able to find anything that Bixby is supposed to do that it can't do. Start a timer for 15 minutes. Go to Contacts and look up the address for XYZ then show me on Maps and start navigation. I use the Bixby button. If I want to know the store hours for XYZ Store, I use Google
  • Its not even a half baked piece of S**T. I asked it to do a simple task to set a timer for 30mins. All i got was "I can't seem to find that"
  • I set timers all the time. I'm not a genius so you must be doing something wrong. It's not Bixby
  • I got an S8. The salesman told me about Bixby. My first command was, "Go to Contacts, get the address for PetSmart and show it to me on Maps". It worked without any learning on my part. Or training Bixby. I did the same with Google and it bombed. The closest Google got was showing me all the PetSmarts in my area. They aren't the same and aren't meant to be. I love Bixby and Google. Only ignorant morons at Android Central think Bixby is trying to displace Google. Probably a bunch of iPhone users
  • Note 9 version is seriously gimped compared to Note 8 version (old S-Voice base).
  • never use, but if it's actually working? I may try it on my 9+