Honor 9

The new Honor 9 packs impressive specs, and offers a fresh take on the design of the Honor 8, with a curved glass rear and an upgraded dual camera setup. But unlike its predecessor, the Honor 9 won't be coming to the United States when it launches in Europe this July.

At a meeting ahead of today's launch, Eva Wimmers, VP of Honor Global and president of Honor EU, told Android Central that a U.S. release for the Honor 9 is "not planned at this moment." That doesn't completely rule out the phone coming to the U.S. at some point, but it sounds like it won't be hitting American shores anytime soon.

So far this year, the Honor 6X is the only Honor phone to have graced the U.S.

Despite debuting at a glitzy San Francisco launch event last August, momentum (and presumably also sales) around the Honor 8 in the U.S. was described as "well below expectations" according to one source cited in an Android Police report in October.

The Huawei-owned brand has since launched the budget-centric Honor 6X in the U.S., but subsequent phones like the Honor 8 Pro haven't been released there.

Wimmers told us that it's still early days for Honor's efforts in the U.S., compared to Europe and Asia, where the brand is better established.

Nevertheless, it seems to us that the failure of the Honor 8 to establish a U.S. foothold has led to a re-thinking of its strategy for this notoriously tricky market. Time will tell whether the Honor 9 or Honor 8 Pro — or something else entirely — will make it to the U.S. market.