You can use "Ok Google" to trigger voice commands and ask Google everything from weather updates to football scores, unit conversions, and so much more, but there hasn't been a list of all the commands the search engine supports. Until now. A developer created a website containing all of the "Ok Google" commands you can ask Google, and it is more extensive that you'd imagine.

Google Search Ok Google

There are over 150 commands, with more than a thousand variations. The site has commands sorted by category, so if you're looking for a full list of Easter eggs, it's just a click away.

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Check out the list from the link below, and let us know which command you found most useful in the comments. I didn't know that you could decrease or increase screen brightness with a voice command, and that's a nifty find for me as most Chinese-made handsets don't have a brightness slider in the notification shade.

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