What you need to know

  • Google Pixel 4 owners will be able to do a lot more than just control media playback with Motion Sense.
  • Pixel 4 owners will also be able to reduce ringer, alarm, or timer volume and ignore calls or snooze alarms using gestures.
  • Additionally, the feature will be capable of detecting the owner's presence and keep the phone unlocked.

A report published by the folks at 9to5Google last week had revealed a list of countries where the Google Pixel 4's Motion Sense will work, along with a list of compatible apps. The folks at 9to5Google have now published a new report that sheds more light on the things that Pixel 4 owners will be able to do using Motion Sense.

The promo video that was released by Google in July only highlighted one use case: skipping media tracks with the help of gestures. However, the new report reveals Pixel 4 owners will actually be able to do a lot more than just skip tracks and silence incoming calls.

Thanks to the Soli radar chip, the Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL will be capable of using depth to detect when users "reach" for the phone. When users reach the phone while they receive an incoming call, a ringing timer, or an alarm, it will quiet down. However, at least initially, the alarm and timer functions will only be compatible with the Pixel 4's Phone and Google Clock apps.

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The second core Motion Sense gesture will be swipe. Google Pixel 4 owners will be able to silence the ringer when they receive an incoming call with a simple hand over the phone. Pixel 4 series owners will also be able to snooze alarms and dismiss a completed timer with a swipe. Just like the "reach" gesture, however, only the stock Phone and Clock apps will be supported at launch.

With the "flick" gesture, Pixel 4 owners will be able to skip tracks without having to touch the phone. To skip to the next track, users will have to flick right-to-left, while a left-to-right movement will play the previous track. In addition to gestures, Motion Sense will be capable of detecting the owner's presence as well. This feature will allow the phone to stay unlocked when the user is looking at it.

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