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Have you tried Microsoft's new Edge browser?

Microsoft Edge browser
Microsoft Edge browser (Image credit: Android Central)

Last week, Microsoft started rolling out its upgraded Edge web browser. It's got a good set of features and looks to be a decent competitor to other options like Chrome and Firefox, but how does it translate on Android?

Taking a look through the AC forums, here's what some of our members had to say about the Android version of the new Edge.

I had been running the beta off and on for a few months on my Windows 10 laptop. Installed the new official release on the Note 10, Tab S6, and my laptop yesterday. Finished fine tuning it today and have all my bookmarks and passwords synced. So far so good, I like it. I did have a little issue getting the android version to sync to the correct set of bookmarks. I had to logout and delete...


not me. will will have absolutely nothing to do with microsoft - except at work and an email account

me just saying

I use it, it's much better.....I have yet to figure out how to save a file and open it in it's native app dumps it in the download folder and the only option is to delete it...might be a bug....might be by preference would be to download the file, put it on my sd card and review as I want.....not sure if anyone else has a work around for this or a setting I've missed


I've been using it since the early dev releases, once it became more stable, I've been using it as my default browser, for quite a while now. At my work we use chrome enterprise but I like edge better. I dont use it on mobile, only desktop. There's a lot of things stripped out that I dont like in chrome, basically a stripped down version of chrome with the Microsoft design. What will be...


What about you? Have you tried Microsoft's new Edge browser?

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  • No interest whatsoever.
  • I have used it for a long time now but the new icon SUCKS!!
    I'm tempted to load up nova just for the single purpose of being able to change the icon.
    Outside of that icon, it's very stable. It's my default browser, Firefox is next with chrome last.
  • It's the best browser out there.
  • I use edge on every platform. Love collecting points to get gas cards every month or so.
  • Very happy with it so far. I love the strict anti-tracking feature. That's A LOT of killed Google trackers.
  • I've been using Chrome, so I've decided to try it out. Is there a way to add a shortcut on my S10+ home screen to a specific website?
  • There should be a button from the menu that says add to screen, just have the website loaded and the select that and it'll add it to your homescreen.
  • Thanks, that helped me figure it out. For those that have this same question, hit the 3 dots in the middle of the screen at the bottom, then select "add to screen".
  • I use it as the primary browser on my phone and laptop. It runs just as well as Chrome, makes me happy that i can use Chrome extensions in addition to Edge extensions.
  • Used legacy version along with the current while it was in beta now on all platforms I use the new browser although I miss the old one note features
  • It's my default browser on PC and on my Galaxy S8+
  • No, and don't want to. Firefox Preview is my choice.