Have you installed the Android 12 Beta yet?

Android 12 hands-on
Android 12 hands-on (Image credit: Harish Jonnalagadda / Android Central)

Google I/O 2021 may be gone, but it's certainly not forgotten. From all the big announcements in AI and machine learning to huge updates to Wear OS, and all the other little announcements you may have missed, there was a lot going on this week.

Arguably though, the most exciting thing that debuted this week was the official unveiling and debut of Android 12 and the first public beta. In addition to being available for Google Pixel phones from the Pixel 3 to the Pixel 5, there are several Android OEMs who have partnered with Google to offer the Android 12 beta, including phones from Xiaomi, OnePlus, ASUS, and TCL, just to name a few.

Are you going to install the first Android 12 beta on your phone? Let us know!

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  • I have it. It's funny. When I first saw all the "fatter" controls in various reviews and such, I thought I'd hate it, but I actually really like it in real use. It makes the phone much easier to use. I especially like the lock screen now. It really is much more informative and having the "if you find this phone..." message at the bottom in its entirety makes so much more sense than the scroll that used to be there.
  • Great to use 👍
  • How stable is Beta 1? Is it still advised to not install on your daily driver?
  • I haven't had any freezes or major issues, but I did have three random reboots since install the day it was available. Also some stat stuff is buggy. The battery stats don't show screen on time, and when you click to view usage, it usually resets to start at what level it's currently on. Like I can take it off the charger at 100%, and click to view usage stats, and it shows starting at 100%, but if I check it a couple hours later, and the battery is at 70%, the view usage stat shows 70% as the highest it's been at. The brightness got funny for me once. The home screens would be dimmer than apps. A reboot fixed it. Same with using gestures. Twice I had swipe to go back not work. A reboot fixed it. Other than that I don't have any complaints. Using on a 3XL
  • Works pretty well for me (Pixel 4a). I've had one crash-to-Home, and I can't add cash to my lottery app's wallet (no doubt a legit security block), but that's all. The animations have strange pixel spray in places at the moment, so there's a general feeling of it not being 100% there but overall I prefer the experience. Not long to wait if you don't feel like dealing with any issues, of course.
  • Beta is Latin for, don't install on something you absolutely need.
  • Installed the beta on my Pixel 4XL. It's okay I suppose.
  • Pixel 4xl.
    Couple of app crashes, but nothing major. Overall it's a good start.
  • I did on my backup pixel 4. Running pretty well for a beta.