Has Apple lost it with their latest marketing campaign?

If you have yet to catch Apple's latest marketing attempts,"If you don't have an iPhone...", you have missed a series of humorous videos, in which they clearly have caught a case of amnesia. In Apple's latest videos they have hinted at being the only platform which contains an AppStore which contains all the best applications, but have they forgotten a lot of them are available on Android now in the ever growing Market. Must we remind them of Read It Later, Words with Friends and Angry Birds, which are dual platform now. Also, they have hinted about iBooks being the only way to read books on a mobile platform, but what about the Nook application as well as Google Books, and many others? Come on Apple, we know you are scared by the numbers, but let's not forget others are doing it, and arguably better. Another video after the break. [Youtube via TiPb]

Update: Let's try this again.  Shout out to thisisliving93 at Youtube for re-posting the first video.  Seems like Apple didn't like the Internet watching it.

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Jared DiPane
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