Hands-on with the *other* HTC One S

One of the cooler things we've seen this week at Mobile World Congress was HTC's video of how the HTC One S gets its microarc oxidation (MAO) coating, basically turning aircraft-grade aluminum into a ceramic coating. It feels great, and HTC's video of the baking process is akin to frying metal in a microwave -- it's quite impressive.

Android Central at Mobile World Congress

But what about the other HTC One S?

As it turns out, there's a second version of the No. 2 phone in HTC's 2012 lineup. The internals are the same, but it's traded in the deep black MAO finish for a more traditional metallic paint job. HTC calls it a "gradient paint color sheet," and it's got a decidedly more traditional feel. It's not bad, just different, with more of a smooth finish. The silver color is straight out of the old-school HTC playbook as well, and we'd be more than welcome to find a place in our pockets for either one of these phones.

We've got loads more pictures of the other HTC One S after the break.

Phil Nickinson