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Hands-on with the Nexus One multitouch

If you're waiting patiently for your Nexus One multitouch update to roll in and haven't used the manual update method, here's a look at what you're missing. Multitouch on the Nexus One, for all intents and purposes, is the same as multitouch anywhere else (any by that we mean the iPhone, natch). Pinch to zoom, spread your fingers to zoom out. There's a slightly weird elasticity to it -- the motion continues slightly after your fingers have stopped. We wouldn't call it a bug; it's just a noticeable difference.

One thing we didn't look at here is the new Desktop Dock setting because, well, there's not much to show. When you first pair with the dock, it asks whether you want to, by default, stream music through it when connected. That's all the new setting does.

Anyhoo, peep the video after the break, along with a before-and-after look at the system profile, if you're into that sort of thing. Then head into our forums to discuss the update.

Nexus One system old

Nexus One System new

Nexus One pre-update (left) and post update (right)

  • Cool Video! Hey Phil, What is the calendar app you have in the middle of your phone? And what weather widget is that at the top. Both look pretty cool.
  • I don't know about the calendar app (probably a widget) but I recognize the Weather Widget at the to as a standard with Android 2.1 as the News & Weather Widget. You can also download it here for Android 1.6: Murad
  • If you don't want to wait, there's a proposed faster way on androidcommunity, installing the OTA update directly. More details:
  • @Chris: That's Pure Calendar. @Murad: Yep. That's the stock weather/news widget.
  • BTW, excellent video. In gallery, are you able to swipe to move from one picture to the next?
  • Cool thanks for the tip!
  • I haven't heard anybody say whether or not the update extends multitouch to the keyboard. Are we still waiting on that?
  • @Murad: Thanks, and you can. That's standard for the 2.1 gallery. @Aaron: It does not. I've got an official statement on that from Google. Waiting to hear back from Motorola.
  • Now if they can get this handset on Verizon and get rid of the ridiculous limit on how many apps can be installed I would switch from the iPhone/AT&T to the Nexus One. I still think the iPhone is a better choice in many ways but AT&T is killing me.
  • bah iphone is trash. Cant believe people still like those things.
  • I've owned an iPhone (original, 3G and 3Gs) and I actually think they're GREAT devices. That being said, however, I'm infinitely more happy with my Nexus One than I was with any of the iPhone versions. Point being, I don't by any means think they're junk, just think that Android (or at least the N1) blows the iPhone out of the water... unless you're looking for a game system. ;)
  • For those of you that do not know I have over 50 apps on my phone. All the content in the apps are stored on the memory card. People need to stop using that as a reason not to get it. Only the install file is on my phone. The bulk of the content in on the 16 gig memory card
  • wrong, all data is stored with your market apps in the data partition of the nexus. The files you see inside of the sd card are just extra cached particulars that the app may or may not use. Settings and the like however will be stored within the phone's own internal flash memory
  • I used the manual update method and I'm loving the update.. I was able to uninstall Dolphin browser and B&B Gallery and go back to the default apps! :) It's a beautiful thing!
  • I have multi touch on my hero from cellularsouth. I use it on the browser, album. So am I missing something here? I thought all had multi touch in some way or another.
  • As always, thanks for your great video!
  • I just installed the Nexus One update. The pinch does seem to have an elastic jump too it and the screen does not seem to stay where you place it. In my opinion the Nexus One multi touch update is still not on par with my iPhone or Ipod Touch. It does seem to me that the keys at the bottom of the keyboard are better calibrated now along with the bottom dock. I don't have to adjust by moving my fingers up the screen to get the right key. Solving that elevates my most frustrating issue with the Nexus One -- more than not having multi touch. Great phone though. After a couple of weeks of use, I tried using my old iPod Touch and it felt and looked 'weak' for the first time.
  • That's awesome that multitouch now works natively on the Nexus One. And I expect that this minor "elasticity" issue will be resolved as Google keep tweaking and refining their Android 2.1 OS, and further updates are released (like maybe a 2.2 within the foreseeable future). For now, tho, this is a big improvement and a step in the right direction, and it has made a good device better... Plus, Google has just announced that they'll be providing phone support (not just e-mail) for the Nexus One, which they should've done in the first place when they released it. So now I have no more serious doubts about getting a Nexus One. PEACE
  • No idea what thus Guy is talking about when he refers to the multi touch feeling elastic? I have no such issues and it works and feels as good as any iPhone I have owned!
  • Do you think that the reason that the pinch-to-zoom has an "elastic" feel is because Apple does have something on them (like a patent), and they needed to add that to make it somewhat different?
  • Still waiting on my update on my N1..hope I didn't miss it should I keep on waiting or do it manually?