Hands-on with the LG Revolution

You're going to talk down on the LG Revolution. You're going to say some not-so-nice things about it. And that's a shame, really. Because save for one thing, we really don't have much to say about Verizon's third LTE-capable phone in our initial use.

The phone itself? A 4.3-inch black slab with a 5MP camera on the back, 1.3MP shooter out front, a 1GHz Snapdragon processor the aforementioned LTE data and a whole lot of internal memory. Tack on LG's user interface customizations -- which we've long enjoyed -- and you've got yourself a solid little phone.

The one thing that's sure to cause curses from even the most liberal Android nerd? It's been Binged. Like the Samsung Fascinate before it (along with a a couple of other phones not worth mentioning here), Verizon's traded some Google services for Microsoft's Bing. Google Maps? Not there, though you can download it. Google Search? Negatory. You've got Bing.

But if you can live with that, the LG Revolution looks like it's got what it takes to be a solid Android device.

Check out our hands-on video after the break.

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Phil Nickinson
  • Is it too soon for Verizon to run a BOGO special on the Revolution?
  • I wonder how long this Bing contract with VZW is. I am so sick of seeing Bing forced into things where it doesn't belong. I saw it on TV for crying out loud.
  • I only hit Enter once! I swear!
  • Freaking bing. I can't believe they are still getting away with REMOVING google services from a google OS and putting that crap in it's place. Google if you're listening grow a pair and quit letting them jack with a good thing!
  • I just hope LGs allow for relatively easy modding so it can be de-Binged painlessly.With the G2x's OS this could be a real nice device.
  • Verizon just killed the sales with Binging another phone. What a bunch of knuckleheads. They ruined it.
  • I've never used anything with Bing on it but is it just the fact that it's MS that everyone hates? Or just an appreciation of all things Google? I am completely oblivious on this issue.
  • Have you tried Bing? Google search belongs on Android... give me links or give me death!
  • It's just in my experience Bing is a way inferior web browser that MS is pushing on us by paying off providers. I use and like Windows XP Pro so it's not a "Hate M$" vandetta.
  • Bing is just the worst. searches render the worst results, navigation is poor as is maps, and pretty much nothing run by bing runs anything like google does. if you can imagine, it's like replacing the google features with a sh_tty ask-jeeves OS.
  • The Hands-on Initial First-Hand Impressions Review. :)
  • Why do people freak out about Bing? I will admit, I have a Fasci, and Bing got kicked to the curb, but 90% of users can care less. MS is paying VZ for inclusion. More revenue for VZ paid for by MS means cheaper phones and lower monthly bills for the rest of us.
  • Nice Logic...Oh wait phones have stayed the same price since the deal, and even gone up in some cases (Droid Charge, Thunderbold, and even this phone). They also plan to kill off unlimited data this summer raising most of our prices there as well... That would be nice logic, except they aren't using that money to lower our bills they are using it to line their pockets, and ruin good phones... Although this isn't a good phone LG's UI is horrible.
  • Higher profits for Verizon means higher stock prices and happy investors (and CEOs that stand to earn ridiculous bonuses). /Logic Those "savings" don't seem to be trickling down to me, in fact I see prices going up. Just let me be the Admin on my phone the same way I am on my computer at home. I want to be able to change apps out. That's all. If I pay $500-$600, I think I deserve that much respect.
  • Once again economics is lost on the masses.
  • I don't think you count as the masses.
  • But I seem to get that the REASON VZ exists is to maximize return to the shareholder. And that MS paying them means they will not rape us as much. But hey, I guess I am simple.
  • That you would actually say that verizon somehow passed the savings on to it's customers due to the bing revenue, is both laughable and naive. I bet you think trickle down economics works too.
  • Lets postulate. If we were able to FORCE VZ to stop using Bing. let say that MS paid VZ $10 million. Do you not think that VZ would try to replace that revenue from another source? Who is another source? Who is being naive? A business will replace a revenue source if it is forced to.
  • I thought the contract with MS was over and that the Revolution was just a device that was "grandfathered in" until the old deal.
  • This phone is straight gangsta' with Bing on it...It's like my Fascinate all over again. Oh vay!
  • For me, when I buy myself and my family Android phones and tablets, it is because I want tight integration with Google's services: Search, Voice, Maps, Latitude, GMail, Google Docs, Calendar, the whole bit. If I wanted Microsoft services, I would buy a Windows phone/tablet. If I wanted Apple services, I would buy an iPhone/iPad. Putting Microsoft services by default in place of Google services on an OS that Google designed reeks of Verizon selling out to the highest bidder without regard to the customer experience. It also decreases Google's leverage on manufacturers in keeping fragmentation to a minimum since Google Apps are the only leverage they have. Verizon is fully within its rights to do whatever it wants with its phones, but that doesn't mean I have to support it and I am less inclined to recommend this phone to others when they do so. I originally had the Droid on Verizon. When they released the Fascinate with Bing I had left Verizon for Sprint within the month, paid my ETF, and won't go back. If they want to sell out to Microsoft they're well within their rights to do so but I put my money where my mouth is and they're not getting mine if they're not looking out for me. It's true, most users could care less, but I care, and I won't support a carrier that is going to cheapen the Android experience by selling out to the highest bidder.
  • When the Fascinate received Froyo Bing was replaced with Google wasn't it? If so, maybe the same will happen when LG/VZW release Gingerbread for the Revolution.
  • Nope, the Froyo update was binged.
  • Anyone ever stop to think that a large portion of the money is being invested back into the company to maintain and expand the best network in the us and by doing so stimulating the economy by creating jobs while doings this. But f that I would rather have a bill that's $10 cheaper. I want my $600 phone for $50.
  • Thank you Verizon employee.
  • the subsidized price of verizons latest phones says otherwise, to your point. i hardly think that they are trying to create jobs by putting bing on their phones..
  • The dev got rid of bing on the fassy and I am sure the same will happen here, no big deal. That being said, I will chime in with Bing shouldnt be on there in the first place. It is far inferior to Google....
  • I love this phone, glad I exchanged my droid charge, switching screens glydes, charge was a little slow ot glitch
  • I say sprint gets googles back and puts google search and maps on a windows phone! whos with me?!?
  • "The one thing that's sure to cause curses from even the most liberal Android nerd? It's been Binged" Oh yeah? Watch me. Bing isn't that bad. There, I said it. Feel free to disagree, but I don't think it's even close to being something of an issue, especially when there will probably be a way to root this thing.
  • I checked this phone out at a Verizon store yesterday. It feels really cheap. The plastics used are low grade at best.
  • Bing is ridiculous, as many have said - C'mon Verizon... are they going to start installing Google Search on the Win7 phones?
  • Ok, so I'm admittedly a new convert from Crapple, but it it really that big of an issue? Can't you get all the Google apps, widgets, etc from the android market? Then relegate bing to the app draw with the rest of the vender-ware (or even hide with a new launcher). Am I missing something other than you don't get a little 'Google Approved' logo on the back of the phone or whatever?
  • Too bad it's made by LG. I've had two LG phones in the past, both POSes. Never again.
  • Nice, has a lot of good hardware, but that UI looks like the demon spawn of TouchWiz... I mean REALLY?? I'd be replacing that with ADWex quickly. The multimedia widget was pretty awesome though.
  • O, when will carriers learn: Bing belongs on Windows Phone 7, not Android gems! I actually DON'T dig the categorization of apps in the app drawer too much. Would be nice if you can remove the categories.
  • perhaps 2.3 will fix Bing to Google
  • This phone is ok, unless you text message. Then forget. My first Android was an 'Incredible'. Not bad, nice entry into the Smart Phone arena. In May of this year, I went to a 'Charge'. This phone texted nice, but you couldn't make or recieve calls reliably. DOH. WTF? After a replacement phone, numerous trips to Verizon store, and numerous calls to tech support, even Verizon agreed it was time to change. Now I have this POS. so far, it does send and recieve calls reliably, although it has one major annoying habit. The screen will lock while in a call. So if you need to hang up, you have to unlock the screen to hang up. but this minor annoyance becomes aggravating when you are calling in for support and have to hit buttons for menu prompts.
    But for texting, it's a bust. Do NOT get this phone if you like to text. Swype was new to me with the 'Charge'. And I loved it. But with the Revolution, it doesn't work. Maybe 20% accuracy. I spend more time backspacing and correcting then texting.
    Voice to text, is beyond useless. Again, with the charge is was fair. Around 80% or so accuracy. With the Revoluion, it is below 0% accuracy. It never gets a single word right. I am Midwest (no accent), young adult, clear speaker, and do a lot of public speaking. I've never had complaints, but this voice to text simply does not work.
    Then there is the new 'aggravate the crap out of you' feature. It has a 'quick button', right where the number shift should be, that changes your language. Who on Earth wants a quick button to frequently change their language while texting? I am constantly getting stuck in French, which by the way, has a different keyboard layout. I have never hated a phone as much as I hate this one.