What you need to know

  • On August 19, the "Sign in with Google" service stopped working.
  • Issues were experienced across Gmail, Drive, and even apps like Pokémon Go that use Google's sign-in feature.
  • The bug has since been fixed, but the incident resulted in some pretty funny responses.

During the afternoon on August 19, you might have experienced some issues with your Google account. Specifically, a lot of folks were logged out of their accounts and ran into slow performance.

In addition to people's main Google accounts, issues were also found with apps and websites that used the "Sign in with Google" API — such as Pokémon Go.

The bug has since been resolved and everything is back to normal, but those couple of hours of panic resulted in some pretty funny reactions on Twitter. There are a few of our favorites.

Are you recovering alright from Google being down? Will you tell your kids about how you survived #GoogleDown2019?

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