Google has released a Chrome extension called "Password Alert" that notifies you when a website is phishing for your Google account password.

Google's 'Password Alert' Chrome extension helps protect your Google account from phishing attacks

With the Password Alert Chrome extension installed, users entering their Google account password anywhere other than will receive a popup warning them that their password has just been exposed and they should reset it immediately. Additionally, Password Alert will also try to warn you that you're on a fake Google sign-in page before you enter your password:

Password Alert also tries to detect fake Google sign-in pages to alert you before you've typed in your password. To do so, Password Alert checks the HTML of each page you visit to see if it's impersonating a Google sign-in page.

While it only works with Google account passwords, this still looks like a pretty great extension nonetheless. If you'd like to check out Password Alert, you can grab it now from the source link below.

Source: Chrome Web Store