Google's dev conference sells out some 10 times faster than Apple's

We could use this post to point out that the Google IO Developer Conference officially sold out some 59 minutes after the general admission tickets were made available, and that it took Apple 10 hours to sell out its upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference. But, really, we'd like to address the rumor that Apple won't be unveiling a new iPhone at the event. That's entirely possible, but we all know how Apple loves to lower expectations and then call forth from the heavens some miracle feature like copy and paste or folders on a home screen.

No, what we really want to do with this post is embed some Boondocks. Because while the WWDC announcement might not point to new hardware (and, by the way, it never has), the absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. Apple will have new hardware soon enough, and Android needs to be ready for it.

tl;dr: Apple might or might not bring a new iPhone, hilarious Boondocks clip after the break.

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Phil Nickinson