Google's working on kid-friendly versions of Chrome, YouTube, and more

Google plans to offer versions of its popular products like Chrome and YouTube that will be made for kids that are 12 years of age or younger. There's no word on when these new products will be released.

In an interview with USA Today, Pavni Diwanji, the vice-president of engineering for this effort, states:

The big motivator inside the company is everyone is having kids, so there's a push to change our products to be fun and safe for children. We expect this to be controversial, but the simple truth is kids already have the technology in schools and at home. So the better approach is to simply see to it that the tech is used in a better way.

There will be some kind of parental supervision involved with these kid-friendly products but exactly how this will be implemented has yet to be determined. Diwanji said:

We want to enable supervision but not be regimental. But that's challenging because no two parents are alike. I have friends who are helicopter parents and others are even more liberal than me, but everyone has to be accommodated by whatever we create.

Source: USA Today

John Callaham