Google Voice updates for faster dialing with 'direct access numbers'

Google just unleashed an update to Google Voice, introducing "direct access numbers" in hopes of speeding the process of placing calls. Here's how it's explained on the Google Voice Blog:

Until today, the Google Voice app had to make a request to the Google Voice server every time you wanted to make a call to send us the phone number you wanted to dial. Then the call would be connected via a Google Voice access number. With direct access numbers, we assign a unique phone number to every person you call. This means that we no longer need to use your data network to access the server each time you make a call, so calls will be placed much faster.

Ah, so. All you have to do is update your Google Voice app on your phone, and you should be good to go. (And Google Voice remains a U.S.-only venture for now, sorry, folks.) [Google Voice Blog] Thanks, Nighthawk700!

  • I have the CM6 nightly, and i dont see the new update v0.4 I have the v0.3.4
  • can anybody explain how this really works, so that number shown on top of the contact pic is the one i should keep for faster dialing?
  • This change is going to be a major fiasco. Look at the thread that will grow like crazy: Basically, I am also using my A-List with ATT to get unlimited outgoing calls. Since all outgoing calls were initiated from a 202-556-2000 number for me, I had it saved in my A-List. Now, with the new change there will be a different number for every call through google voice, thus ATT will charge me minutes for every outgoing call. This is a huge blow personally as well. Google seems to have really messed this up.
  • Well on the other hand..... Couldn't you add those uniquely assigned GV numbers to your A-List? It was probably this, or the carriers would block the 2000 number from a-list/friends anyway, or maybe block it entirely, or restrict Voice from being installed on carrier supplied phones. I can see the carriers bringing a lot of pressure to bear on this point because long distance is a big revenue generator.
  • You know, that Google Access number is capable of changing, right? You were doing your unlimited calls the stupid way anyway. The better way, which will still work JUST FYI, is to just add and dial your Google Voice number from a phone number associated with it. At the main menu, press 2, then dial the number you want to call. This way, you only ever have to add your own Google Voice number to your "A-List".
  • Unfortunately, doing it this way completely doesn't let you use Google Voice through the Android App, which is part of the convenience of the whole thing.
  • I wish this change was optional rather than mandatory. I for one have assigned my Google Voice access number to my Friends & Family account, effectively making all of my outgoing calls free. If every contact has their own direct number, this trick won't work anymore. In addition, to add a friend to my F&F account, I'll have to add Google's unique number for them, rather than their actual number. This isn't a big loss for me since I don't come close to my limit each month, but some people may.
  • how is it mandatory?.. just don't upgrade
  • I causes a force close on my HTC EVO.
  • This feature is nice, but do google voice updates have to be so minor and stale. This feature has been used with their web interface for 6+ months for the Pre and iPhone. And why cant the google voice app make it so that in my phones call history, it doesn't show these random numbers, but instead show the actual number of the person I was calling. The same thing could be done with their text message forwarding service.
  • downloading now....
  • So now when i text someone from google voice will it return as there number or that 402 one.
  • When I used GV to text my phone #, the GV phone number that is mine showed up.
  • It used to be that on none android phones, phone without google voice app, in order for you to get a 402 assign to a contact you had to send a text and once the other person reply you get a 402 number specifically for that person which you could use to call and/or send text. Since you can’t send text to a home number there was no way to assign a 402 number to a home number. My question is: So now you can assign a 402 number to a home phone?
  • Is there a way to downgrade to the previous one?
  • They need to implement these features for Google Voice 1. Google voice contacts list, to keep separate from your normal contacts. Lots of my voice contacts arent friends or business related
    2. Google voice dialer so I can dial numbers through the program instead of the normal dialer asking me everytime I make a call if it should use google voice.
    3. Ability to block numbers from within the google voice program and allow to remove numbers from blacklist from within as well.
  • I bet the cell phone companies got involved with this update.
  • Yeah, I wish I had waited to update. Lesson learned. This messes up my friends and family list that I had going on with verizon too. Perhaps they'll make it optional.
  • Geez, people, just dial your Google Voice # from your phone and press 2 at the main menu.
  • I have over 200 people in my contacts list. Do you expect me to memorie each and every number so I can dial it after hitting 2? Because that's precisely what you are asking me to do. It doesn't allow you to hit 2 and then "choose someone from your contacts list". Instead, you have to manually dial after hitting 2. So, in order for your idea to work, we either need to memorize everyone's phone numbers so we can dial them in after hitting 2; or keep a note pad handy with everyone's number on it so we can dial it in after hitting 2. Neither solution is entirely plausible or convenient, is it?
  • This probably isn't the PERFECT SOLUTION but a way to utilize Google Voice + Friends and Family / A-List / Faves without having to memorize the number you want to call or using a notepad. All you have to do is add an extra number to the contact whenever you add or edit a contact. Here's an example...
    (Let's pretend my Google Voice number is (123) 456-7890) Contact Name: Bob Smith
    Cell: (999) 888-6666
    Other: (123) 456-7890 , , , 2 , , , 9998886666 , , # Whenever you want to call Bob Smith using your Google Voice number, just call OTHER instead of CELL. You may not need all these ","s (or WAITS) but I've noticed that if I put just one "," (or WAIT), it doesn't always work.
  • Doesn't your phone offer the Uninstall Update in Settings / Applications?
  • DANG IT, I ran the update, not knowing about the unique dialer for EVERY call. Like others, I had the Google Access # in my Friends and Family on VZW, which gave me unlimited outgoing calls w/ going against my plan limits. Is there a way for me to revert back to the previous version?...
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    hey everyone! I found the old .apk! just click the link: go to about the middle of the posts and click on the "this is where you can find the Google Voice APK file" i already downloaded it and tested it, it used my old number that would always call out that was on my F&F list!
  • If you had been using Astro (or something) to back up your apps, you could have just restored.
  • >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> NOTE <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< I'm not convinced rolling back helps a bit. All it does is revert to contacting the server via your data connection to fetch the number to dial, and it gets the same (assigned, unique) number for that contact. That much is all controlled server side. You can't get around it. So what have you saved by rolling back?
  • Thanks for posting this. Works great!
  • No it doesn't. Make a call using GV and watch the little pop-up bubble which shows the number its dialing. Hint: its not going to any standard number (2000). Old client does this: 1) makes a data connection to GV
    2) Fetching the number to dial, a unique number assigned by google
    3) dialing that number. The new version does this:
    A): first call to any given number same as above
    B): subsequent calls, dials direct the cached GV assigned number In ALL cases:
    It is now dialing a unique number for each of your contacts. This number is assigned by google, and the number terminates on Google servers. You can't get around this by rolling back the client app. It will still to all steps 1-3 above. It will still dial the unique number assigned by google. No more will it call the standard number (2000 number). This is all server side controlled. You are going to be given the unique number each time. The advantage of the new client app is that it will cache this for faster subsequent calls. Watch your pop-up bubble. You have accomplished nothing by rolling back.
  • I don't know if there is a difference between rolling back and uninstalling the update and installing the old apk, but when I call out using GV (with the old apk installed) the same number on the pop up bubble appears as it always has and is the same number no matter who I call.
  • If you just use GV Dialer and store your google voice number in your favorites get free outbound calling with google voice. This update doesn't change that. so still good to go.
  • Not true. You might get free inbound calls if you set your GV profile to call using your GV number as the caller id instead of the caller's actual caller id. Outbound, you are going to use minutes.
  • Can someone post the apk for the updated one
  • see couple posts above. just tried it and works great.
  • No it doesn't.
  • What a bunch of crybabies!!! You're cheating your cellphone carrier and then moan and complain when they catch on and make the necessary changes!? Everything should be free and handed to you on a silver platter right? You shouldn't have to pay for anything. Pathetic. What a bunch of self-deserving brats you are.
  • Cheating the cell phone carriers that rape our pocketbooks every month... You're right, I do feel bad for the power houses... I should give them more of my money. after all, they need my money more than I do.
  • If you can't afford a cellphone, then don't buy one. You cant complain because it's too expensive. Do you own a car? Do you complain because the car, maintenance, insurance, addons, upkeep, etc, is too expensive? Do you think that entitles you to free gas? Don't be a brat. If you can't afford a toy, then don't buy it. Cheating the system is cheating the system. Don't get your panties in a bunch when you get caught or when the cheat goes away.
  • I share 1400 minutes w/ my wife and two kids. I pay for data on my DInc, and my son's Droid. I pay for unlimited txting (in the 1400 min plan). I use my DInc for work. My bill flirts w/ $200 every month. Using GV (by having the access number in my Friends and Family) to stretch a few extra minutes every month hardly seemed like cheating anyone. It was a great way to add peace of mind, and prevent costly overages.
  • You know, I thought about this. I thought that I was wrong to feel "cheated" by the change made. Then I thought of Skype. Skype uses the data minutes. I have unlimited data, does this mean I am cheating the phone company by using my data plan instead of my cell Even with the minutes I use on friends and family, I don't come close to my 1400. I like having the safety net of unused minutes in case I need them. I don't think that anyone is cheated.
  • i just clicked the uninstall updates button in the market for the app and im reverted back to the .3.4 version
  • No difference. Just slower.
  • Just download Flex Dialer lite or pro from the market. Turn off dialing in the GV app. Dial outgoing calls thru Flex Dialer. That way u only need your GV # in FnF & not the routing #. Problem solved.
  • Thanks for the tip. It works GREAT!! Takes longer than the GV but will save tons of $$. Thanks again..
  • thanks for the tip re: Flex Dialer. A little wonky to use at first, but definitely not a bad option.