Google Voice numbers can now receive MMS from T-Mobile numbers

Still no outgoing MMS support, but it's a step in the right direction

Google announced that full MMS support will hit Google Voice in early 2014, but it has made at least one small step towards that goal today by adding T-Mobile MMS receive support. Just as has (theoretically) been the case with Sprint for some time now, Google Voice users receiving an MMS from a T-Mobile customer will have that picture emailed to them. You'll get a simple "MMS received" email to your Gmail account, along with the picture as an attachment, and you'll also get an SMS indicating that the picture was received.

There doesn't seem to be any noticeable delay, and we've just tested it ourselves and it seems to work just fine. Now this certainly isn't the most elegant solution ever, and it doesn't help us with outgoing MMS from Google Voice numbers, but it at least means that now when your friends and family send you pictures you'll get them if they're on Sprint or T-Mobile.

And now we play the waiting game until full-on MMS support comes to the service.

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  • So does this mean Google Voice numbers cannot properly participate in group messages? On my Verizon GNex running AOKP, any group message shows up as an MMS. I'm thinking of switching to a Nexus 5 on T-Mobile and porting my number to Google Voice but I'm curious how this would affect group messaging.
  • Yes, you are correct. Most phones (android and iOS especially) send group texts as MMS. If someone from verizon or att sends you a group text you will not receive it. If someone from sprint or (now) t-mo sends you a group text you will receive it, but when you reply it will only be to the sender, not to the group.
  • You can have set up (on android) where group messages come individually from each person in their own thread instead of MMS, I used this I'm the swim team where we sent mass messages to the whole team. Posted via Android Central App
  • Wait, how?
  • can you link to the instructions or explain them here? thanks
  • Now if I can just have google voice integration with Tmobile the same way I had it with Sprint
  • BBM me: 7B725FA9
  • I'm on T-Mobile and received MMS like above from Virgin Mobile user today
  • Virgin was already able to do this. A step in the right direction for sure since I just switched from them to T-Mobile.
  • Progress! This is great to hear. Now to see if the gorillas of the industry will play ball..
  • I've had that capability ever since I switched to Google Voice and T-Mobile back in March. This is nothing new...
  • lol this news are REALLY old. I've been getting MMS in GV for a long time too
  • Same, I feel like I already had this functionality. Though I rarely get sent MMS.
  • As a sprint customer, with google voice activated, my sprint number and my Google voice number are the same. To test this out i sent myself an MMS message, but it still did not additionally send me an email with that attachment. any info on this situation?
  • I think you need to enable text to email in your google voice settings. It will forward all messages (SMS ans MMS) to email. I am not sure if there is a way to make it only forward MMS but you could use filters to sort it.
  • Thanks for the response, but i have had that enabled since day one when i did the Google voice integration maybe 2 years ago...All my SMS messages will be placed in an email AND in my google voice inbox online. Just not the MMS, they simply dont show, even though i am a sprint customer.
  • Hmm. Well maybe sending to yourself just won't work. Ask another sprint customer to send you a message. Posted via Android Central App
  • I realize this is a year old, but for anyone else reading this, I just had a similar problem when someone sent me a text. I got the "MMS received" text but didn't see an email with the image attachment in my inbox. Well, the email was there under "All Mail," so try checking there as well.
  • Sigh... still no GV numbers for Canada.
  • Man, what an ugly band aid.
    Why even spend resources on this if you are working on Hangouts integration?
  • Sending MMS from my T-Mo Number to my G.V. Number worked great!
    ____________________________________________________________ T-Mobile.. Forever.
  • I got the "Message Received" before (from a Sprint user) but never got the email. But one other time it worked.
    I've tested with T-Mo but did not receive any notice or email on my Nexus 4.
  • i have sprint and i cannot get this to work.... i use a Note II, have google voice app on it, it is fully integrated.... but pictures (mms) from all carriers, including sprint, go to my Messaging app (the stndard one built into the Note II), nothing at all goes to gmail or google voice for pictures....
  • I just switched to T-Mobile last week from Verizon. I had an S4, now I have a Note 3. Google Voice integreated seemlessly with Verizon, but apparently it's not that simple with T-Mobile. I followed all the app settings, made sure calls were answered with Google Voice, but nope they go right to my regular voicemail so at this point GV is useless to me.
  • You can use Google Voicemail by logging in to Google Voice on your desktop (not your phone). Go to Settings, and under the Phones tab, go to the Tmobile cell phone number and click the link next to it that says Activate Google Voice on this phone (or it might say Deactivate Google Voice on this phone, even though it's not working properly--click to deactivate). You'll be provided with a set of numbers (code) to enter manually into your phone, and once you hit dial, voicemail will be set up on your phone. Make sure you create a voicemail pin. I would share the code with you, but that would require deactivating voicemail on my phone and then turning it back on again to see it. For some reason, the automatic Voicemail option no longer works on my Tmobile phone either. Hopefully it's corrected in future updates.