Google unveils 'Editor's Choice' badges for top, trustworthy apps

Google today announced Editor's Choice for Android Market, aimed to help you find the best applications on the Android Market. Google's also going to begin awarding the "Top Developer Badge" to help show users who are the best, and most trustworthy apps. For consumers, it's a way to help find new apps. For developers, it's another way of promotion and to monetize.

It's not the most eye-catching way to display the badget, but you'll see it in Market lists, as well as when you go to individual app pages. It's currently live on the Android Market web portal, and it'll be coming to devices soon. For a sneak peek of that, hit the break.

Phil Nickinson
  • Now if only there was an "Editor's Choice" Android Store.
  • This market on the Nexus S is sexy !
  • So is this a whole new market interface or just these lists.
  • What they need is a User Rejection list for paid apps, so you could see what percent of users return it within the 15 minutes.