Google to kill off the Play Store's 'Movies & TV' tab for the Google TV app

Google TV app home page
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What you need to know

  • The Google Play Store will no longer support Play Movies & TV for renting or buying content.
  • Users will have to rely on the Google TV app for their streaming content needs.
  • Google is making the transition in May.

The Play Store's bottom bar will become a bit less crowded as Google prepares to drop the Play Movies & TV tab. On Tuesday, the company announced in a community post that it will stop supporting the option to buy and rent movies and TV shows from the Play Store in favor of the Google TV app. This means that you will have to use the standalone Google TV app for your streaming content needs.

The transition highlights the company's investment in Google TV as it separates its services from the Play Store, at least on the surface. This makes sense given the level of management you can achieve in the standalone app and how closely it connects to the best Android TVs with features like personal recommendations and managing your watchlist. This may also make it easier to maintain the Play Store with one less option to clutter the bottom bar.

Google says that users will still have access to their Play Store perks when the Play Movies & TV tab is phased out in May. That includes purchased content, Play Points and family share eligibility, the wishlist, play store credit/gift cards, etc. Meanwhile, the Play Store will continue to offer other content.

"Google Play will continue to be your store for apps, games, and books," says the community post. "On Google TV, you will find the same experience you are used to on Google Play Movies & TV with the latest new releases, rentals, deals, and great recommendations for you."

Phasing out the Play Movies & TV tab appears to be the latest step in Google's effort to fully rebrand to Google TV, a process that started when the app was renamed from Play Movies & TV then later revamped with an updated UI. However, the Play Movies & TV moniker still lingers in some areas, such as the iOS app.

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