Google TV finally coming to UK?

So Google TV might not have ever been the most popular product ever launched, but so far only the Americans have had the chance to play with it. The long wait could be at an end for us Brits though, as Eric Schmidt is expected to announce its arrival on UK shores in a speech this evening. 

Schmidt is delivering a lecture at the Edinburgh Television Festival, and is expected to announce the launch of the service within six months. It should allow access to the BBC iPlayer and ITV Player online streaming services, both of which are already widely available for access through the television. What remains to be seen is what relationship, if any, Google has managed to strike up with the British television providers such as Sky and Virgin Media. 

One thing that could still grab attention is future access to the Android Market. But with online video content services much more limited in the UK than the U.S., Google really needs to pull it out of the bag on this one.

Source: Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail 

Richard Devine