Google testing automatically playing videos in YouTube app

Google's been known to play around with new features in its many apps from time to time, and the YouTube app is no exception to that rule. In the company's latest experiment, videos in the YouTube app are now automatically playing on the Home page.

When scrolling through the Home section of the YouTube app, videos will now automatically play with no audio and overlay subtitles so you still know what's going on in the clip. The video starts from the beginning and appears to play all the way through if you allow it to do so.

The very first video at the top of your Home page will begin to play upon opening the application, and as you scroll through other videos listed here, that previous one will stop playing and then start up the next one below it.

The use of subtitles over audio makes the feature a lot less intrusive.

Videos that automatically play without your permission are always a bit of a hassle, but I'm alright with its implementation here for the most part. The fact that subtitles are used in favor of audio keeps the feature a lot less intrusive than autoplay videos on the Facebook app for example, and if you'd like, you can turn the feature off entirely.

To do this, go to Account -> Settings -> General -> Play as you browse. The featured is turned on by default, and along with being able to toggle it off, you also have the choice of only having it work when you're connected to a Wi-Fi network. It definitely seems like Google should have the default set to Wi-Fi only as not to strain people's monthly data limits, so we're hoping this is tweaked if/when Google releases autoplay to the public.

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  • I read this and thought that I'll be complaining about this, but since audio isn't also playing, it's alright. If they decide to keep this, I plan to turn it off though.
  • Yep - it reminds me of how YouTube TV works when I'm scrolling for live shows, and I like it - SO LONG AS they keep the sound off.
  • Get the torches.
  • Haha! OK that was funny. For me it's just another Auto play in another app to turn off. Just like FaceBook. Flicked via the BlackBerry keyboard on my Pixel
  • I can't see any reason I would want this enabled other than to be served ads automatically or use up more bandwidth.
  • Exactly
  • Was thinking same...
  • Like I said above, another thing to turn off 📴 Flicked via the BlackBerry keyboard on my Pixel
  • How about instead of autoplay, you give us Youtube TV apps for Roku, Fire TV, etc?
  • Roku has one as far as I know...
  • Alternate headline; "Google testing ways to alienate YouTube users as quickly as possible." I can remember a time when people actually liked YouTube... Now it seems to have become like Facebook. Something that you kind of hate, but can't really avoid using to some extent.
  • I do wish Amazon would get a little more into video and offer a similar service. They have twitch which is awesome for live streaming so they're really close. They just need that extra little push to become good competition which Google needs badly.
  • I not all right with this subtitles or not.
  • I'm okay with this future, from the screenshot I see that there's an only on WiFi option wich I like it
  • No, just no.
  • Facebook has been doing this with videos for awhile now. I used to hate it but now I enjoy it. They recently rolled out the feature where the audio automatically plays too, but I quickly disabled that.
  • It's annoying
  • Didn't it do this in the past at some point? I swear I remember that!
  • Am I the only one to see that my wireless data will go through the roof and if I didn't have unlimited Wi-Fi, my monthly high speed internet will go through the roof! Yeah I watch a lot of YouTube.
  • If you're ALREADY watching a lot of YouTube, you should already be accustomed to using a lot of bandwidth on it.
  • I don't remember anyone asking for autoplaying videos.
  • No. Why do we need this?
  • Now, that's the multi-billion-dollar question!
  • Wish they would ditch this idea and spend their time looking at how to auto update security patches and OS on phones.
  • Or fixing the other myriad problems that YouTube has.
  • No thanks, Google!
  • I hate it when companies force things down our throats, like that bixby button.
  • Not crazy about it in any form, If you have an older phone that runs slow, you don't necessarily want to to auto-play. At a minimum should be wifi only because many people don't have unlimited data.