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Google Store now offering free $35 case with Pixel XL purchase

Google Pixel
Google Pixel (Image credit: Android Central)

Now that Google seems to have some Pixel XLs back in stock on the Google Store, it's running a limited-time promotion to hand out a free case with each purchase. If you go to buy a Pixel XL, you can just add one of Google's silicone cases (opens in new tab) in a variety of colors to your cart and see a $35 discount applied automatically. There's no specific end date on the deal, as it's simply listed "while supplies last" — but as we know, that may not be long when it comes to the Pixel XL.

The deal is only available for the Pixel XL, and only for the $35 silicone case — which is interesting, because it could easily get away with letting people pick up the cheaper $30 hard plastic case for free instead. But either way, we can't look this gift horse in the mouth. Perhaps the knowledge that the Pixel XL is in stock and you're getting a free case will be enough for people to buy,

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  • Funny.
  • We are less that 6 months out from the pixel 2. Not worth it now.
  • This
  • Less than 6 months out from release of the Pixel 2 but in reality how far out from actually being able to get a Pixel 2 without being on a month long waiting list? ;)
  • Lol
  • Not to mention it'll take months to get the case. Probably have the case and still no Pixel.
  • and by when, the pixel will probably start having bootloader loop issues, and google will turn a blind eye.
  • they in stock again? Loved my pixel xl, but bluetooth was a joke.
  • Love mine too and have never had a bluetooth issue to date.
  • Maybe they should offer an actual pixel with your pixel order. Regular size currently still out of stock
  • So they are finally available, about 5 months I signed up to be notified when they're back in stock but haven't heard anything. Not that I waited around, I moved on after 3 months went by.