Google Stadia gets 1440p streaming support

Stadia on a Monitor
Stadia on a Monitor (Image credit: Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Google Stadia has, until now, only supported 1080p and 4K screens.
  • 1440p screen users were required to stream in 1080p.
  • With a new update, Stadia now supports 1440p streaming.
  • 1440p streaming has the same requirements as streaming in 4K.

Previously, Stadia games could only be streamed in 1080 or in 4K, with no proper support for other resolutions like 1440p. That's just changed, as the official Stadia Twitter account has confirmed that 1440p support is now available, provided that the users already met the requirements for streaming in 4K.

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Playing in 4K resolution requires a Stadia Pro subscription and a network speed of 35mbps or better. It also uses around 20GB/hr, so if you have a data cap, you should definitely keep that in mind.

Google is slowly continuing to update Stadia, with wireless Stadia controller support added for anyone playing through PC a couple of weeks ago. Meanwhile on the exclusive games front, Shannon Studstill, former head of Sony Santa Monica, is now in charge of a new Stadia Games and Entertainment studio.

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