Google Stadia on Android finally supports voice chat and party chat

Stadia Game Trailer And Announcements Android
Stadia Game Trailer And Announcements Android (Image credit: Jennifer Locke / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • The native Stadia app on Android now allows in-game voice chat and party chat.
  • Players started noticing the new feature this week when headsets started to connect and an option for party chat appeared within the app.
  • The feature comes almost two years after Stadia's launch and a year after the iOS web app offered party chat.

Google quietly rolled out the ability to talk to strangers and friends within games and party chat for Stadia players through the native Android app this week.

Earlier this week, Stadia players started noticing their headsets were connecting to the Android app, and were able to talk to and hear other players in-game while playing on the mobile platform. Soon after, players found a party chat option enabled within the app and were able to start parties, invite others, and send text chat messages.

While Stadia games have been playable across desktop, TV, and mobile since the service's launch in 2019, voice chat has been absent from the Android app until now. The Stadia web app beta for iOS released last year even contained party chat.

The new features come to the Android app at the same time that public parties were also quietly added to Stadia this week and allowing players to create parties or find teammates for some of the best Stadia games that include online multiplayer.

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