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Google search gets a speed increase on Chrome for Android

It looks like Google is looking to spice up your searches on Chrome for Android. According to a Google Plus post by Google developer Ilya Grigorik, a new feature should be rolling out that speeds up searches by 100 to 150 milliseconds.

The new feature is called "reactive prefetch," and Grigorik describes the way it works:

When you click on one of the search results, the browser begins fetching the destination page… and here's the trick: we also provide a hint to the browser indicating which other critical resources it should fetch in parallel to speed up rendering of the destination page!

It is important to note that the feature only works with Chrome for Android for right now. Grigorik says that this is because of how closely Chrome and Google Search interact. However, he says Google hopes to support reactive prefetch on other browsers in the future.

Source: Ilya Grigorik (Google Plus)

  • and androidcentral will still take FOREVER to load
  • Wow. Seriously slow news day, huh? Will anyone notice a 100 to 150 millisecond search speed increase. Anyone? Bueller?
  • I take offense to Bueller, #mueller and also, This is just a small step for the future of google's search. Those milliseconds will eventually turns into seconds of faster search times and pages loading faster.
  • Want to say thank you for the information. Fetching sources in parallel sounds like the beginning of a new approach that could yield better and better results as it is refined in the future.
  • Slow news day. I guess everyone is in Christmas mode LOL Posted via Android Central App
  • Well, now I have to blink before I click search or I'll miss the little swirling circle.... I love that little circle..... Posted via a beautiful Ebony backed Moto X on Verizon or the amazing Nexus 10 using the Android Central App
  • I like your signature block! Posted via Google Chrome from what appears to be the crappiest HP tower that got re-commissioned as an enterprise computer so that it could see an extra 10-15 years of service even though it's approximately 5 years past its expiration already. No seriously, it takes about 12 minutes just to log in and you can't have more than 4 tabs open before the entire screen freezes for a solid 9 minutes of hoping that nothing crashes.
  • My "seraches" don't need spicing up, thank you very much!
  • Seraches lol Posted via the Android Central App